Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lucerne (Switzerland): Confiserie Bachmann

Our first encounter with Bachmann was a box of macarons bought by Yuan's parents after their Switzerland holiday and frankly speaking it was just average in our opinion. This time round, having been in Lucerne, we can understand why they bought us a box of macarons.

Bachmann Macarons Display

Bachmann is one place you will not missed for it is almost found everywhere in Lucerne. On our way to Museum of Art early in the morning at 6am, most of the Bachmann outlets which we came across are already opened and the display is filled with sandwiches and bread, with very little cakes available for sale. Hence, Yuan couldn't help but to associate Bachmann with our local BreadTalk.

Bachmann Cakes

It was in the afternoon when we decided to pop by a visit and were welcomed with a delightful selection of cakes. Not knowing what to order and that the names are in German, we asked for recommendations and here they are...


Since Bachmann is very famous for their chocolates, it is obvious why we have chosen Truffesschnite (CHF 3.90 (SGD$5.70) for takeaway and CHF 4.50 (SGD$6.65) for dine-in). Setting aside the dry chocolate sponge, this is akin to eating Toblerone. To a certain extent, we thought it was disappointing as the chocolate did not have a melt-in-your-mouth effect.

Toblerone Mousse

Toblerone Mousse (CHF 3.90 (SGD$5.70) for takeaway and CHF 4.50 (SGD$6.65) for dine-in) is the other recommendation and as the name has suggested, this is the lighter version of Truffesschnite. This light chocolate mousse accompanied with vanilla mousse, in general is creamy, so much so that the amount of chocolate present is negligible.


Schwedentorti (CHF 3.90 (SGD$5.70) for takeaway and CHF 4.50 (SGD$6.65) for dine-in), a strawberry tart turns out to be my favourite for the refreshing pastry cream. Served in a tart shell made of puff pastry, the entire combination is similar to a Strawberry Napoleon. The strawberries are juicy and sweet; and unlike the previous two desserts, the various components are distinctive in its own way.

Bachmann Macarons

Bachmann publicize their macarons greatly and our curiousity leads to taking away two of their macarons. Charged by weight (CHF 2.75 (SGD$4.00) for 4 pieces), these bite-sized macarons are good for its meaty crust and light butter cream but the flavour falls short in intensity, leaving a strong almond fragrance in both the vanilla and pistachio macarons. .

Bachmann Chocolates

Lastly, since Bachmann's chocolates (CHF 2.75 (SGD$4.00) for 3 pieces, charged by weight) are highly recommended by our tour director for they are hand-crafted in some of their bigger stores, we have decided to try their plain, hazelnut and champagne chocolate. Texture is good with it melting slowly in the mouth and not sticking to the teeth with a slight woody aftertaste. Champagne chocolate caught us by surprise for the core of the chocolate is the liquor itself.

In general, the place offers a nice ambience to chill out and given how expensive the stuff are in Switzerland, we won't be surprise if this is a "BreadTalk" for the Swiss as the demand for their sandwiches seems to be alot greater than the cakes and pastries.

Chapel Bridge

Lastly, Lucerne is the most beautiful and scenic city we have came across for the entire trip but the weather was quite drastic during our two nights stay. With the first day, scorching hot at 31°C, the entire afternoon for our second day was freezing cold (16°C) with heavy rain. Lastly, be it rain or shine, who can resist the charm of Chapel bridge?

Confiseur Bachmann AG
Viktoriaplatz - 6002 Luzern
Tel: 041 227 70 70


ice said...

Macarons in Switzerland are actually called Luxemburgerli. Similar to a French macaron but smaller and lighter.

Fen said...

Oh, I didn't know that... Thanks for sharing the word... Didn't know they deliberately make macarons small and light...

Now I am targeting Confiserie Sprüngli when I am back in Switzerland (hopefully)... =)

Hovkonditorn said...

Lovely desserts :)

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