Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Prague (Czech Republic): Kavarna La Torta


Prague is of no doubt one of my favourite place during this trip and what makes it special is the buildings of the different eras (e.g. Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic, etc).

Czech Dumpling

When it comes to food, Roast meat with dumplings and Sauerkraut is a must-have. Interestingly, when we first heard the word "dumpling", we were expecting some filling wrapped into a thinly rolled piece of dough but this Czech dumpling looks more like a pancake and it was so delicious that it is one of the items we miss from the trip. When served with the meat gravy, this springy, high carbohydrate treat is so flavourful that it actually taste better than the meat.

Kavarna La Torta

Anyway, being a dessert blog, we take the opportunity to visit a cafe that serves gelato and cakes and this cafe is very near to the famous Astrological Clock, located at the Old Town Square.

Kavarna La Torta Display

Very friendly staff and we took the waitress suggestion to try the Banana Chocolate Cake (65 Kc, SGD$4.70) and the Zavin Tvaroh (55 Kc, SGD$4.00) which is basically a cheese strudel. The Banana Chocolate Cake is a simple chocolate cake with layers of whipped cream, topped with 2 slices of bananas. Comparing to the cakes we have in Singapore, the texture is somewhat similar to what one's get from an old school neighborhood confectionary.

Banana Chocolate Cake

As for the cheese strudel, this is not something that I like as the cheese filling is salty and curd-like. Since it is not sweet, this doesn't register as a dessert in our mind.

Zavin Tvaroh

By the way, this cafe requires a plain sliver coin to open their toilets and we were given one by the waitress. Interesting way of locking their toilets for the non-diners.

Kavarna La Torta
Melantrichova 20,
Prague, Czech Republic
Tel: +00420 224 214 152


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