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Vienna (Austria): Sacher Cafe

Sacher Cafe

Vienna, a place where one will associate with the classical music, in particular The Blue Danube written by the Austrian composer Johann Strauss II. Apart from that, the Habsburg empire will ring a bell if one has visited the Schonbrunn Palace. Lastly, the Viennese cafe is something not to be missed during one's visit to Vienna as these cafes are described to be a second home to the Austrians.

Sacher Torte

Recommended by both the locals and most travel guides, Sacher Cafe is a must-visit place for this is the birth place of the Original Sacher Torte (4.90 EUR, SGD$8.60). This is described to be not just a piece of culinary history but also a major export product and an economic factor for that more than 360 000 cakes are sold in Austria and abroad every year. Apparently, the cakes are still produced by hand today just like how it is supposed to be like in the 19th century with the recipe being a well-kept secret of the Hotel Sacher to this day.

Suber Sacher Turm

First time visit with two diners? Well, the Suber Sacher Turm (21.00 EUR, SGD$37.05) may be a good order for you get to try the Hotel's chocolate bonbon, the Original Sacher-Torte, a small bite-sized Viennese ring cake with sweet spices, the Bohemian pancakes with plum butter and plum sorbet and the Original Sacher ice-cream cake.

Sounds too rich, fret not. We were told by the local guide that it is alright to order a cup of cuppa and this cafe serves the coffee on a sliver plate with a glass of water. The glass of water is refillable "n" times and hence allow one to laze around for as long as they want, that is why the Austrian considered these cafes to be a second home. Sacher Hotel is a good place to have a coffee for they have a good selection of beverages made of coffee and apparently all their coffee specialities are made of Original Sacher Cafe.

Anna's Kaffee

Anna's Kaffee (4.90 EUR, SGD$7.60), a combination of egg-rum-liqueur, small espresso and foamed milk, seems to strike the right chords for Yuan. While the egg makes the drink rich, the liqueur provides the kick and the espresso is presented to the palette subtly.

Wiener Eiskaffee

On the other hand, my choice is simple. I just needed a cold coffee drink and hence took the Wiener Eiskaffee (7.00 EUR, SGD$12.35) which is basically a drink made of home-made vanilla ice-cream doused with cold mocha coffee and topped with whipped cream. The resulting effect is a splendid dessert with a hint of coffee to perk me up.

Anyway, there seems to be some taxes but since I am not sure about the breakdown, a slice of Sacher Torte, the dessert platter for two and the two coffee beverages cost 37.80 EUR (SGD$66.70).

Opera House

For those who are wandering where this place is, it is very near the the metro station, Karlsplatz. Look out for the distinctive Opera House and Hotel Sacher is just behind the Opera House.

Cafe Sacher Vienna
Philharmonikerstrasse 4, A-1010 Vienna
Tel.: +43 (0)1 - 51 456 0
Tel.: +43 (0)1 - 51 456 0


Hovkonditorn said...

Yummy, everything looks so delicious!

ice said...

No comments on the original Sacher-Torte? I don't get it fen. Why the separate order for another Sacher-Torte when you can get 2 slices of it in the dessert platter?

adel said...

the ambiance is so classical :)

Fen said...

Hovkonditorn: =) I do miss the Iced Wiener Eiskaffee...

Ice: Cos I ordered a slice of Sacher-Torte first and since we couldn't decide on the second, we took the platter. The waiter did remind us about a duplicate but I was too excited to hear him so we packed the 2 mini slices on the platter for dinner...

I don't want to give people the misunderstanding that this is bad when it is just something I don't know how to appreciate. Like what you have pointed out, this is not the usual soft chocolate sponge nor chocolate mousse that I have come across.

I guessed it is the same way I felt towards fruit cakes. Tried many but like none...

Adel: Yup, it is... In fact, love the way they design their menu too...

Altenpflege said...

WoW! That is so delicious.

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