Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nuremberg (Germany): Apfelstrudel


One of the most common pastries we came across during our trip is the apple strudel and believe it or not, the nicest one we had is actually from Casa Pane, located in Nuremberg (Germany), for the chunky, juicy apple and thin pastry dusted with icing sugar (1.60 EUR, about SGD$2.80).

Although the pastry does not have many layers nor it being flaky (if you know what I mean), it is the thin crisp crust with a soft dough just beneath it that makes it different and more yummy from the rest.

Casa Pane

Casa Pane Display

Anyway, if you are keen to try, Nuremberg has a distinct fountain, Schöner Brunnen which was built between 1389 and 1396. If you see this distinctive pyramid with a Gothic-like steeple top, you are within walking distance to Casa Pane.

The other one that was good was the one served at Astoria Hotel at Lucerne. However, I am not sure if this is available for sale or take-away as this is the dessert that came with our 3-course meal, included in our tour package. Served warm with crisp, puffy pastry, this falls short slightly for the small chunks of the apple but the overall is still worth a mention.


For record purposes, here are the pictures of the other apple strudels which we had:
From Hotel Sudrast (our highway stopover point, 2.90 EUR, SGD$5.10)

Apfelstrudel, Sudrast Dreilandereck

One of the restaurants along Schlossergasse in Lucerne.


Not forgetting, Rosenberger @ Vienna (Maysedergasse 2, A 1010 Wien), 3.50 EUR, about SGD$6.10

Apfelstrudel (Rosenberger)

Casa Pane
Hauptmarkt 3,
90403 Nürnberg, Germany
Tel: +49 911/6607037


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