Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bruges (Belgium): Waffles

Travelled with Insights Vacation, the Romantic European tour (for obvious reasons), and the first destination they have planned is to visit the medieval Bruges.


A beautiful place for its miniature bridges, gabled houses and The Church of Our Lady, plentiful of restaurants, small take-away outlets and of course, freshly made waffles available almost every corner of this little Flemish-speaking town.

What makes the waffles in Bruges good (also applicable to the one we had in Brussels) is that they are freshly made and generously topped with fruits and fresh cream. But our main reason for featuring this store is the friendliness of the owner instead of the one in Belgium.

Bruges Waffle

He was so happy and poised at every step of his process of making the waffle and naturally when you encounter such welcoming service on the first day of your trip, you can expect that the waffle taste just as good.

Bruges Waffle 2

Don't get me wrong, mood does affect one's perspective towards food. Moreover, how can one complain a piping hot waffle (Note: the dough is slightly saltish) and is sweetened with the generous toppings of maple syrup and strawberries.


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