Monday, June 20, 2011

Rhine River Cruise (Germany): Blackforest

Bratwurst and Pork Sandwich

Before setting off for our Rhine River cruise, we spent awhile in a town called Boppard and amazingly, this small town has lots of patisseries and cafes. Alas, too little time but we were satisfied with the fantastic bratwurst and curry-flavoured chicken sandwich. If you happen to be there, keep a look out for a small take-away counter with lots of people.

Black Forest on Rhine

Our comments to this Blackforest is pretty similar to what we felt towards Four Leaves' version. In general, the cream is not sweetened and the chocolate sponge is slightly moist with the cherries.

River Rhine

What was memorable is the Rhine River Cruise as the view offers is magnificent, with the steep vineyards, prehistoric fortifications and medieval castles to the Loreley Rock, we promptly finished the cake and went back to the top deck to enjoy the scenery this place has to offer.


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