Tuesday, June 28, 2011

San Gimignano (Italy): Gelateria Di Piazza

San Gimignano is an amazing town in the sense that this town is quite inaccessible and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This used to be a fortress with more than a 100 towers but most of the towers have been brought down due to wars, catastrophes, or urban renewal and through these years, only fourteen towers of varying height have been preserved.


We were even more amazed by the fact that this small walled medieval hill town actually houses the world famous home-made gelato and are world champions in 2006/07 and 2008/09.


Like Vivoli, the gelato melts fast but has more interesting flavours such as Malaga, Amedei Chocolate, Pink grapefruit with Sparkling Wine, Vinsanto Eggnog, Saffron Cream, etc... Yuan has sticked to Amedei Chocolate, Caramel and Hazelnut while I took Pistachio, Pink grapefruit with Sparkling Wine and Wild Berries.

Gelateria di Piazza 4

The fact that we can remember the flavours more clearly than Vivoli indicates that the flavours were more intense. While Amedei Chocolate is indeed a potent smooth chocolate gelato, Caramel is the favourite for Yuan as the buttery fragrance is strong but yet lacks the burnt sugar effect. On the other hand, popular Pink grapefruit with Sparkling Wine is icy and tangy when compared to the other 5 flavours and hence Pistachio and Wild Berries outshine in both texture and sweetness for my combination.


Setting aside the ice-cream, should one has the chance to visit this place, one should attempt to climb the bell tower of 218 steps for the view offers after the climb is breathtaking. Imagine being at the top of the hill with a miniature bird-eye view of the small town, the background stretches till infinity with the fields and greenery which is so serene.


And like all small towns like Bruges and Burano, one can expect lesser people with ample walking space. With a good gelato place and a nice town to walk around, have we tempted you enough?

Gelateria di Piazza
di Dondoli Sergio
Piazza della Cisterna 4
San Gimignano
Tel: 0577 942244


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