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Budapest (Hungary): Szamos Marcipan

Szamos Marcipan

Szamos Marcipan is located at the Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal, Budapest and this cafe offers such a wide variety and we don't know how to go about ordering, particularly the labels are not in English.

Szamos Marcipan Interior

Well-furnished dining area and also a nice chilling place after a day of sightseeing.

Szamos Marcipan Display 1

And for those who prefer chocolates, the cafe has a decent selection of chocolate bonbons, not forgetting the fact that the cafe is very famous for their marzipan creations, including the Parliment made of sugar and almond meal.

Szamos Marcipan Display 2

If one takes a closer look at the selection of cakes offered, there seems to be a variant of the same flavour cake. For instance, the walnut cake is said to be one of the favourites and the cafe manager recommends the Esterhazy torte. This cake is said to be a Hungarian and Austrian cake named after Prince Esterházy of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Esterhazy torte

Sounds historical and according to wikipedia, this is one of the most famous cakes in Europe. What we like about this is the fine layers of walnut sponge cake with vanilla buttercream, topped with the patisserie's famous marzipan. Not overly sweet, light taste and a soft walnut sponge.

Szatmari Szilva Torta

Szatmari Szilva Torta, a plum cake, was described as unique by Yuan and was one of his favourites during this trip. Layered with chocolate buttercream and a marzipan cream (does resembles the pastry cream found in fruit tarts), the richness of the cream complements pretty well with the slight tangy sponge and surprisingly, we only saw plum cake in Budapest during the trip.


Budapest, in general, is an easy place to travel around since it has many distinctive landmarks and are generally well connected with the metro system. In addition, Budapest consists of a highland which is called "Buda" and a flat land called "Pest" and these two regions are separated by the famous Danube river.

Nokedii and Paprikas chicken

Apart from the cakes, like the Czech Republic, the food is very distinctive and memorable. Hungarian dumplings / noodles (nokedli), resembling like irregular shaped macaroni or pasta is a favourite of Yuan for it being bite-sized and hence less rich. As for me, I prefer the Czech dumpling for a richer flavour and that the Hungarian dumplings was alittle hard to my liking.

Goulash soup

Paprikas chicken and the Goulash soup are the other must-trys.

Szamos Marcipan
Erzsébet körút 43-49
Budapest H-1073

Tel: +36 1 479 4860
Hotel Website
Website of Szamos Marcipan


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