Thursday, May 12, 2011

High Tea Buffet @ The Regent Hotel

I have never been a fan of high tea buffets but the great reviews stirred my curiousity. Not only that, one of my friends is willing to accompany me for this high tea despite her visiting this place barely a month ago.

Tea Lounge @ The Regent Hotel

Located at the ground level of The Regent Hotel, the ambience this lounge provides is somewhat like a study room furnished with wood furniture and comfortable sofas. Apart from that, the glass panels on one side of the hotel provides sunlight, making it a nice place to chill out with friends.

It is no wonder why this is highly recommended for the wide variety of both savoury and desserts, ranging from Live Carvings, Asian, Japanese, on top of the English High Tea and desserts crafted by the hotel Pastry Chef Phillips.


Scones are one of the must-haves of this buffet and this buttery pastry that melt-in-you-mouth comes with a good selection of clotted cream, lemon curd and an extensive selection of Tiptree Organic Jams. For your information, the scones are available for take-away at Something To Go from noon onwards daily.

Puff pastries

One of the items which I truly enjoyed are the puff pastries which are so light and crisp, be it the Sausage Rolls or the delightful Beef Pot Pies, I went back for a second serving despite a full stomach. The buttery pastries are so thin that goes particularly well with the mashed potato and addictive beef stew. Quiche was the other top favourite of mine for that afternoon.

Quiche, Pot Pies, Beef Wellington

Baked Salmon and Roasted Leg of the Lamb were the highlights during my visit and it is indeed an added bonus to have these stations served during a high tea buffet.

Carving station

While the variety is extensive, the selection of sandwiches is alot lesser than what is offered by L'Espresso. Judging from how much I enjoyed the Egg Mayonnaise served on a slice of soft white bread, I am curious with the other types of open sandwiches The Regent Hotel can offer.

English sandwiches

Japanese station serving salmon sashimi and sushi is popular among the diners and hence is of no surprise that this is one of the stations that ran out of stock.

Asian corner

Chicken satay and the spicy mid-joints at the Asian station is another thumb-ups for me. Well-marinated meat, tender to my liking. Lovely, I would say.

Crepe, waffle and pancake station

The selection of desserts is pretty extensive with live stations featuring waffles, pancakes, crepes and souffles. With an option of complimenting with chocolate or vanilla ice-cream, sauces and fruits, I have to admit that I enjoyed the crepe served with sweet strawberries, vanilla sauce and vanilla ice-cream. The texture of the crème brûlée and soufflé are fantastic but sad to say, passionfruit isn't my favourite fruit, hence sour to my liking.


Having eaten Hilton's array of desserts the night before, I have to admit that the desserts were a little disappointing when compared to the savoury. Not because they are not good but most of the desserts which I have took were sour to my liking (*Note that I didn't try all the desserts and this comment is based on the 8 desserts I have took). But I have to admit that I love the chocolate fudge cake for its soft chocolate sponge with a chewy fudge and the blueberry pavlova for its melt-in-your mouth meringue.

Desserts made by Pastry Chef Phillips

Coffee, hot chocolate and a good selection of tea are also served with the buffet and reservation is a must. This is no doubt a nice place to unwind on a weekend afternoon and in this case, it is the savoury that left a deeper impression, making me so full till I have no room for desserts. In addition, the service is fabulous and I agree with the masses this is one of top when it comes to a weekend high tea buffet.

Weekend High Tea buffet is priced at $44++ with no credit card promotions.

Lastly, many thanks to Ms. Siew Leng, Public Relations Manager of The Regent Hotel for acceding to our photography request and also to Mr. Anshul Kaul, Director of Food and Beverage and Ms. Phoebe, manager of Tea Lounge for the warm hospitality and introduction to the high tea buffet.

Tea Lounge
The Regent Singapore - A Four Seasons Hotel
One Cuscaden Road
Singapore 249715
Tel: 6725 3245 / 6725 3246

Afternoon Tea is avaiable from Noon to 5pm on weekdays while
High Tea Buffet starts at 1:30pm to 5:30pm on weekends


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