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Seafood Buffet @ Hilton Singapore

There are changes to Hilton's buffets. Although the daily themed buffets are still available, buffet dinners are only restricted towards Friday and Saturday evenings, featuring the theme, Seafood and Japanese respectively. Not forgetting to mention that the Sunday Brunch is still available and apparently there are some new changes introduced to it.

Having being allergic to prawns, Seafood themed buffets will often not crossed my mind and this visit is due to 2 of my friends whom I would like to give a treat to.

Little Sea Port

When Seafood buffet is concerned, one can expect an extensive variety in this station. Chef Sandro called this a Little Sea Port, featuring a fresh selection of Homemade Mediterranean Salmon, Lobster, Alaska Crabs, Canadian Oysters and many more. To make this is more special, there are homemade cuts of tuna marinated with salt, sugar and herbs, which is sealed quickly before some sprinkles of pepper.

Live Station - Seafood Paella

Executive Chef Sandro has always focus on Mediterranean and Asian food and this time round, there are a few live stations introduced with the Spanish and French stations welcoming at the main entrance of Checkers Brasserie. Using Chicken, Australian Mussels, Squid and Prawns, the Seafood Paella is one not to be missed with freshly made portions at 20 minutes interval. Full of flavours with me going for the second serving.

Japanese Station

Sashimi, Sushi and other Japanese delights are available to avoid disappointment among buffet goers.

Cod Fish cooked in Tandoori style and Grilled Snapper

Following down the trail, most dishes are fish cooked in various styles such as Baked Salmon with Saffron sauce, Cod Fish cooked in Tandoori style and Grilled Snapper.

Fish Market Station

The main highlight of the entire buffet is the Fish Market Station. Chef Sandro is one person who is very particular with the freshness of the fish and not only is this station beautifully presented, there is a wide selection of fishes cooked in various style. All you need to do is to choose your fish, get a number and the dish is prepared a la minute.

Razor Clams

The variety available is Garoupa, Red Snapper, Cod Fish, River Prawns, King Prawns, Sting Ray and Fresh Squids. Razor Clams, highly recommended by Chef Sandro is minimally marinated to highlight the sweetness of the seafood. A little chewy on the teeth with each bite being succulent and additive.

Steamed Red Snapper

Other cooking style includes, Sambal, Black pepper and Chili XO sauce to suit the local palate and is fantastic when applied to fresh Squids and Stingray. Something to note, this is different from what is served in most hawker centres for the absence of MSG. Although it is on the bland side, one will appreciate not feeling thirsty after a seafood feast.

Grilled Squid and Stingray

As expected by some, Mediterranean style is available as an option, with the fish baked with herbs, garlic, olive oil, fresh tomatoes and shallots.

Mediternean way of cooking

Another must-try in this buffet is the Live Drunken Prawns Station. Using lots of Chinese wine coupled with the hotel's stock (said to be a secret recipe), this is of no doubt good. Freshness is guaranteed, for the prawns are freshly caught from the tank.

Live Station - Drunken Prawns

The dessert section is meant to be small as Pastry Chef Christophe wants his diners to focus on some of his special creations. In addition, to ensure that the desserts are presented at its best, there are designated chefs to serve.

Desserts with Executive Pastry Chef Christophe Grilo

As seen from the photos, one can expect surprises from this humble station, ranging from Mango Panna Cotta served with fresh mango bits and mango jelly to Chocolate Mousse shaped into a lollipop coated with peanuts. Millefeuille is one of the main highlights for the evening and the crisp pastry with its heavenly delightful custard was no doubt a crowd attractor.

Chocolate lovers will be further delighted with a good selection of chocolate desserts, featuring Crispy Chocolate which is different from the classic Hazelnut Royaltine in terms of the cream, buttery crumble and the type of chocolate used. In short, a lighter alternative.

3 kinds of truffles are also introduced with flavours, such as Plain, Milo Caramel (to cater to the local taste) and Whisky chocolate, all meltingly addictive till the extent Yuan came back with a bowl full of the Milo Caramel Truffles.

When it comes to cheesecake, Hilton has always been a known favourite and this time round, Chef Christophe has decided to use the same recipe and steam the cheesecake to achieve a light aftertaste. In addition, the base is made of crumbles, which is further mixed with butter, to make it extremely crumbly

Petite Delights

Diners with a sour tooth will not want to give the Blackforest shooters and Chou Pastries a miss for the former is assembled with Chocolate Cream, Crumble, Marmalade and Vanilla Chantilly and the latter has Raspberry Sauce encapsulated using a thin layer of Gelatin, creating a lava effect on the vanilla or strawberry choux pastry.

It is always nice to visit a good buffet with a different theme and concept. Comparing our last visit, the overall feel of this place is so different and new, making us so curious about the new stations introduced. The fact that we didn't manage to try all the dishes and that we have given the cheese, soup and even some of the seafood on ice a miss just concludes that this is worth a mention and is bound to bring in nice surprises even for those who has tried Hilton's buffets previously.

Executive Chef Sandro Falbo and Executive Pastry Chef Christophe Grilo of HIlton Singapore

Thank you very much for Ms. Joyce Moo, Marketing Communications Manager for acceding to our photography request, the complimentary bottle of champagne and the arrangements to get Executive Chef Sandro Falbo and Executive Pastry Chef Christophe Grilo to introduce us the various stations and highlights of the buffet. Not forgetting the warm hospitality of Ms. Yeo Yen Lin, Marketing Communications Executive of Hilton Singapore and all the chefs and service staff for making this meal so wonderful and memorable.

Looking forward to blog out their new Sunday Brunch. Stay tune.

Checkers Brasserie
Hilton Singapore
581 Orchard Road
Singapore 238883
Tel: 6730 3390

Seafood buffet is priced at $52++ with a 10% discount for major cardholders.


Anonymous said...

Have you been to The Line Seafood Dinner Buffet? Do you know how this compares?

liz said...

delicious pictures!!! wish i could be there! so nice to see chef sandro in your blog, he visited our farm in tuscany and loved our oil and is using it now in his kitchen- you can get it now at Jones the Grocer and Supernature - it has an unpronounceable name Poggiagliolmi - three 'g's in one single word! the label is done by our daughter when she was little - look for the colourpencil drawing as a label!!

Toons said...

Hi, thanks for the review. Enjoyed reading it. However, i am mystified as to this sentence -'Although the daily themed buffets are still available, buffet dinners are only restricted towards Friday and Saturday evenings, featuring the theme, Seafood and Japanese respectively.'

What do you mean? That themes from sun to thu are not fixed? Oh fri n sat feature fixed themes of seafood n japanese respectively? Thanks.

Fen said...

Anonymous: I have only visited the Line's Sunday brunch and the regular Friday Buffet dinner. The Line has a wide variety but the dishes didn't leave a strong impression. However, if my memory didn't fail me, the seafood buffet for The Line is priced at $88 (as of 3 years ago) for Thursday dinner buffet. If you want, I can forward you the menu if you want but that was enquired in May 2009.

Liz: That's nice to hear... Do come by Singapore and try the buffet. We were so happy to be able to meet Chef Sandro in person and the dishes he recommends is always so delicious.

Toons: Pardon for my poor English. Hilton Singapore has different themes for their buffet. For instance, they serve Thai buffets on Tuesday, Japanese buffet on Wednesday, etc. Hence, seafood buffet is strictly for Fridays and Japanese on Saturdays. In the past, they served buffets for both lunch and dinner but for now, buffet dinners are only available on Friday and Saturday.

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