Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Flor Patisserie II

Flor Patisserie is one place that most would recommend for good Japanese cakes for Chef Yamashita prides on using the freshest and best quality ingredients in their pastries that have been sourced from overseas (Japan, Belgium, and France), and locally.

Every visit to Flor Patisserie has always been delightful for me as this patisserie has been constantly introducing newcomers on their shelf. Placing strong emphasis on using fruits as the main ingredients, the shelf is always filled with colour, making it a visual treat before we lay our hands on the cakes.

The only problem lies in them closing early at 7pm (from Monday to Saturday) and 6pm (on Sundays) so it can be hard for me to pick them up after work. As for weekends it would be a trip specially to Duxton Hill since there isn't any reasons to be in the vicinity.

The Vert

From the selection of cakes, one can expect that I am in the mood for Matcha and coming from a chef with over 20 years of Japanese baking techniques, and has spent a year and a half tailoring their cakes to suit the climate and local palette, you can roughly guess what I am going to write next.

A good green tea cake in my opinion is a rare gem in Singapore as it can be too mild in its flavour or the texture is horribly wrong. Vert ($6.50) from Flor Patisserie achieve this two aspect positively for a slight rough green tea sponge base, layered with a yummy-licious vanilla cream and green tea mousse. As an added bonus, the think layer of green tea layer has a slight chewy texture, mimicking the texture of a mochi.


Wakakusayama ($6.80), further emphasize the beauty of a good green tea sponge for its intense green tea flavour with a decent degree of softness. This swiss roll of honey-infused green tea sponge coupled green tea and red bean cream, is a real treat for green tea lovers.

Chocolate Pudding

However, when it comes to chocolate, somehow or rather, Japanese patisserie isn't our cup of tea for the chocolate is often weak to our liking. Hence, this chocolate pudding ($6.50) aught Yuan's attention more for its pudding which forms the lower layer and when eaten with the fresh cream and sponge, . Chocolate mousse was just average in his opinion.

Flor Patisserie
2 Duxton Hill
Singapore 089588
Tel: 6223 8628

Operating hours:
11am to 7pm (Mon to Sat)
11am to 6pm (Sun)


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