Friday, July 17, 2009

Familie Chocolade

Familie Oven is a home baker specializing in chocolate fudge cake. This cake consisting of 2 layers of chocolate sponge with chewy chocolate fudge, are only sold in 2 sizes - Regular ($26) Large ($50).

A slice for you?

Solely by visual inspection, this cake wins by the gloss on the surface which really makes this cake looks so yummy.

Scent-wise, I felt that the chocolate smell is not strong enough, in fact there is a tint of butter smell.

Taste-wise, this cake is really old school, similar to those found in the neighbourhood confectionery, those that your mum would buy for your breakfast (Not sure if I am in the wrong generation). The chocolate jelly is kind of chewy and you will be able to peel off the whole layer. Do note that dark chocolate is used so it is a pity that it was not thick enough, thus not rich enough to pit against the industry leaders. However after letting my family members (2 + 5) try it, they seem to enjoy it. Hence I guess sometimes simplicity is good.

Soft enough, not heaty and the most important thing, not overly sweet and thus widely accepted.

Familie Oven
Mobile: 9029 2191


sweet toother said...

this looks like lana cake, wonder how it taste, looks yummy to me.

Fen said...

Lana has a drier sponge, familie chocolade is slightly springy and moist. Fudge wise, familie chocolade is chewier...

There is a slight difference between the two but I prefer this over Lana cake...

Anonymous said...

Looks good and shiny too. Think should give it a try :)

Fen said...

Recently, I have ordered this cake for my colleagues' birthday and 2 of them have made a comparison with the Simply Chocolate from Decadence Cakes. They personally felt that Simply Chocolate was better, more moist.

But on the general note, the cake was well-received by everybody in the group.

Just to let you know that this cake is good and I have let 15 people (including Yuan and myself). Apart from the 2 that mention Decadence Cakes, the rest felt that it was light enough to be enjoyed after a meal =)

Anonymous said...

i just ordered dis cake for my mum's birthday, it was well-like by the elderly cos is not too sweet just nice for them.

Fen said...

Yea, sweetness is always a concern among the elderly. Thus, I will check with bakeries if they allow reduction of sugar. So far, Awfully Chocolate does it well by reducing by 5%.

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