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Bar & Billiard Room, Raffles Hotel

Bar & Billard Room, Raffles Hotel

Buffet Lunch at Bar & Billard is distinctive western. You will not find any local cusine in this buffet. As requested by the hotel, we did not take any photos of the buffet table. Hence the spread is taken at our table.

Appetizers served include: Homemade Smoked Salmon, Parma Ham, Gammon, Vegetable Gazpacho, Marinated and Grilled Assorted Vegetables. Soup served include Leek and Potato Cream and Chicken Soup

Homemade bread with Mon's cheese
Homemade bread with Mon's cheese


There is also a seafood Station consisting of Poached King Prawn, Oysters, Steam Mussels Mariniere Style, Sweet Claims and Mud Crab.

Oysters with smoked salmon
Oysters with smoked salmon

Clams & Mussels
Clams & Mussels

Not forgetting the Pasta Station whereby the chef will prepare pasta of your choice on the spot. I chose the Carbonara.


Main Course includes: Pan-fried Salmon on the Skin with Champagne Sauce, Broccoli and Caulifower Gratin with Comte Cheese, Scallops in Sweet Wine Sauce, Pan Fried Chicken Flavoured with Tarragon, Braised Beef with Carrot Confit. Also do not miss out their carving Live station where they have the chef selection of fish and meat based on the daily market.

Pan-fried Salmon on the Skin with Champagne Sauce
Pan-fried Salmon on the Skin with Champagne Sauce

Desserts served include: Vanilla and Grape Bread Pudding, Apple Cinnamon and Rasin Crumble and selection of their in house cakes.


Overall if you are looking for spread, lobster, meat etc, you would probably be disappointed with this buffet. What this buffet offers is its ambience as the whole deco is similar to those old colonial houses. If you asked me what was memorable in this buffet, it would be the carbonara (seldom you find such excellent carbonara on a buffet table), veal (so tender and juicy) as well as the scallops (succulent, well-marinated and big).

Bar & Billiard Room
Raffles Hotel Singapore
1 Beach Road S(189673)
Tel 6337 1886

Feed At Raffles American Express -
2 Adults entitles 50% Disc
3 Adults entitles 33% Disc
4 Adults entitles 25% Disc
5 to 10 Adults entitles 20% Disc

Citibank - 15% discounts up to 24 persons
UOB Generic - 5% up to 24 persons
UOB Platinum - 10% up to 24 persons

Lunch buffet is served from 11:30am to 2pm (Mon – Sat) @ S$58.00++ per adult & S$35.00++ per child
High Tea is served from 3:30pm to 5pm (Sat) and 4.00pm to 5.30pm (Sun & Public Holiday) @ S$38++/Adult and S$25++/Child
Dinner buffet is served from 7pm to 10pm (Mon – Sat) @ S$72.00++ per adult & S$44.00++ per child

International Seafood Champagne Brunch are available from 11am to 3:15pm on Sun at the following prices
@ S$148.00++ per Adult with Free of Flow of Rose Champagne, Bloody Mary and Freshly Squeezed Juices
@ S$138.00++ per Adult with Free of Flow of Veuve Clicquot Champagne, Bloody Mary and Freshly Squeezed Juices
@ S$108.00++ per Adult with Free of Flow Bloody Mary and Freshly Squeezed Juices.
@ S$51.00++ per Child with Free Flow of Freshly Squeezed Juices.

Note that there are two seatings, with the First Seating from 11am to 1pm and Second Seating at 1:15pm to 3:15pm


hazel said...

oh yeahh!!! My parents r going to bring me there to celebrate my 21st birthday!!!! Do four seasons have lunch buffet in one-ninty? Sad that they seems to offer semi-lunch buffet. :D

Fen said...

Wow, before I continue... Let me wish you a HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY =)

May your birthday wishes come true...

Arh... Bar and Billard @ Raffles Hotel, I have to say I am neither impressed nor disappointed with the place but having seen the dining guide sent by Raffles Hotel, I thought I might share with you what some of the restaurants at Raffles Hotel are offering.

At Raffles Grill (Classic French Continental cuisine with contemporary overtones), they have a 3 courses executive set lunch @ $65++ per person.

Long Bar Steakhouse (Plantation Cuisine, premium steaks) serves semi buffet lunch (with main course) @ $52++ per adult...

If you want the details, I can always forward you the details. Too much to type everything in.

hazel said...

Yes, of course! THANKS for your generous infor! Do u still have my yahoo email?

Just another piece of gd news:
Currently, pan pacific hotel is offering 44% discount for lunch n dinner buffet in global kitchen, hai tien, etc. Such promotion ends at 31 august. The condition is tt one of diner must be 44 yr old n above. Such exclusive news will only be available to pan pacfic members n the membership is totally free! I really enjoy their lunch buffet in global kitchen! Aquamarine is such a mere disappointment!


Camemberu said...

Fabulous shots! It all looks so classy and delicious!

Fen said...

Hazel: Sorry to miss out your reply. Yea, I have your email, it is, am I right?

Wow, thank you for your information with regards to Global Kitchen. 44% sounds good but I doubt my parents are into buffets...

Yea, went to Aquamarine twice last year and it wasn't as good as I expect it to be, considering it is ranked together with the Line, Carousel and Melts.

Camemberu: Thank you very much for the compliment.

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