Saturday, July 11, 2009

Chocolate Berry Lust

Another famous creation of 1 Caramel, this tart is made up of luscious layers of Valrhona chocolate ganache with fresh exotic wild berries laden on a bed of pure crunchy hazelnut mix and is sold at $8.90++ per slice or $85++ as a whole.

Chocolate Berry Lust

For the next few entries, we will be bringing in desserts from a newly opened dessert pâtisserie, 1 Caramel. For classification purposes, these cakes will be published as separate entries over the next few days.

For those who had visited 1 Caramel, one will not miss out on their Chocolate Berry Lust. This chocolate tart topped with a medley of berries presents a wow factor when the smooth chocolate ganache melts in the mouth. Eating this tart with the generous toppings of berries resemble a chocolate fondue indulgence.

Apart from the dark chocolate ganache, the layer of hazelnut praline gives the tart an extra crunch. However, the tart pastry is kinda of disappointing with a slight burnt taste.

In any case, this definitely impresses in my opinion. I would consider this as a worthy alternative to my favourite, Laurent Bernard Chocolatier's chocolate tart.

1 Caramel
The Luxe
6 Handy Road
Singapore 229234
Tel: 6338 3282

Operating hours -
11am to 11pm (Sun to Thurs)
11am to 1am (Fri and Sat)


evan 이벤젤린 said...

aww we didn't hv this :( i see valrhona crunchy pearls there, and i always think choc & berries (raspberries) is a good combination. but i won't be going back again, so no chance to try anymore haha.

btw u removed the recent comments thingy from yr sidebar?

Fen said...

It was there that day... I packed that home for my sister...

Yea, chocolate does minimize the sourishness of the berries...

O.o, Valrhona crunchy pearls are that distinctive? I didn't know that...

Yup, removed the recent comments gadget as it has been slowing the loading of the blog...

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