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Fullerton Chocolate Buffet

Note: We have dropped by Fullerton once again for this splendid buffet so don't miss out on our new 2011 post.

Built in 1928, the Fullerton Building which has previously housed occupants such as the General Post Office, The Exchange, the Chamber of Commerce and the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, this iconic building was transformed to what it is now, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, since 2001.

The Fullerton Hotel

Courtyard, the sunlit atrium lobby lounge of The Fullerton Hotel Singapore is the dine-in place for the hotel's renowned chocolate buffet, which is served on Fridays and Saturdays from 8pm to 11pm.


Apart from the chocolate buffet, Courtyard offers a range of beverages, main courses and finger food.

Nivole Moscato d' asti, Michele Chiarlo, Italy
Nivole Moscato d' asti, Michele Chiarlo, $15++ per glass

The chocolate buffet is separated into 3 sections, namely hot chocolate, chocolate fondue, cakes and pastries. Though the focus is on chocolate, there are several non-chocolate items or rather "mildly flavoured with chocolate" desserts such as Cranberry Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding, Lychee Tiramisu, Strawberry Melba and Coconut Sagu Pearl.

Choco Buffet I

For the chocolate based desserts, Fullerton Hotel did a wonderful job in varying the chocolate content and pairing it with other ingredients. For instance, Alto El Sol Pineapple was a combination of pineapple puree with chocolate mousse. Ginger, Espresso, Earl Grey, Mandarin Orange, Mint, Hazelnut Praline, Raspberry and Yoghurt were splendidly introduced into chocolate cakes.

Choco Buffet II

Apart from cakes, this buffet also offers a variety of French Pastries, Shortbread Cookies and Chocolate Cabosse.

Choco Buffet III

For those who wants an extra doze of chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate sauce are within reach.

Choco Buffet IV

There is also a small section at the main entrance of the Courtyard which features Frangelico Chocolate Soup, Banana Chocolate Tart, Chocolate Pralines and Jivara Chocolate Tart. The Fullerton Hotel's banana chocolate tart is worth a mention as it was an interesting twist to the conventional chocolate banana mousse.

Choco Buffet V

To fit into the chocolate theme, Fullerton Hotel paired the classic French dessert, Crème Brûlée with chocolate mousse.

Vanilla Chocolate Crème Brûlée

The highlight of the buffet should be the hot chocolate section. With a selection of 8 different types of chocolate, namely Gianduja Noisette Noir (32%), Tanavira Lactee (33%), Grand Cru Jivara Lactee (40%), Tropilia (53%), Orange Noir (57%), Grand Cru Pur Caraibe (66%) and Grand Cru Araguani (72%), it gives an opportunity for diners to appreciate the subtle flavours of different chocolate.

Hot Choco Bar

Hot Choco in the making

Of course, a chocolate buffet will not be complete without chocolate fondue and ice-cream.

Choco Fondue

I am sure there are people like us who feel that paying $38++ to eat-all-you-can is not a very value-for-money decision and having experienced the chocolate buffet, even chocolate lovers will not be able to sample every dessert in this buffet as it is simply too heaty and sinful. Instead of having the mentality of trying every dessert, appreciate the fineness of the chocolate desserts offered at this buffet. Apart from the fine chocolate, the posh ambience and the piano pieces playing in the background provides a different level of chocolate appreciation.

For Chocolate Buffet,
Friday and Saturday - 8pm to 11pm
$38++ per pax

North Courtyard
The Fullerton Singapore
1 Fullerton Square Singapore
Singapore 049178

Tel: 6877 8129


Anonymous said...

i heard about Fullerton's choc buffet for quite a while..never knew what's really in there as you would think choc as being heaty and pretty sick after gorging down a huge amount..
thanks for the intro on this buffet, i think it warrants a visit when i am in s'pore :)

evan 이벤젤린 said...

omggggg valrhona chocs i see!!! *squeals*

Foodies Queen said...

Ya...really 38++ for the chocolate buffet seems nt so worth. It wld haf been diff for chocolate lovers. Haha

Fen said...

sofood: Yea, this buffet has been around for a couple of years and like most I thought I will fall sick after stuffing all the chocolates in a go... but after visiting the place, I realized this place is more than just chocolate creations... the experience is memorable and I am looking forward to my second visit.

Evan: I went jumpy and wild after the chocolates for days :D

Foodies Queen: Depends on how you look at it. Though $38++ is steep for most, the ambience, the variety and quality do justify the price tag... I have to admit this is one of my favourite chocolate spree...

Julia said...

$38++ sounds steep, but I wouldn't mind the price if the desserts are of good quality.

I've been to the Courtyard for post-dinner drinks and yes, the live piano and elegant ambience is lovely. Have enviously stared at the chocolate buffet. Now you've convinced me I should go for the ultimate indulgence. :)

Fen said...

Yea, it is a rare occassion whereby I convinced Yuan that his $80++ is worth it as I was so happy...

Go for it, it is nice to sit back, relax and enjoy the endorphins rush... The best part is that chocolate buffet is only available on Fridays and Saturdays, what a way to welcome the weekends :D

Anonymous said...

Is it only on friday & saturdays? & why is the timings so short-.-

Fen said...

Yes, as of my understanding since July last year (2011), the chocolate buffet is only available on Friday and Saturday evenings from 8pm to 11pm... Here is a newer post of the Fullerton's chocolate buffet which we have put up last year,

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