Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blackforest @ The Deli


I liked this blackforest for 3 reasons. First - thin dark chocolate sheets. Second - Vanilla cream over the top. Third - solid Kirsch soaked cherries (trust me this one is so strong that you will feel the heat in your throat). However the down side is that the chocolate sponge cake has this powdery feeling.

Lastly, each slice of Blackforest costs $7.50+.

The Deli @ Goodwood Park Hotel

Note that there is a 50% discount for pastries and sliced cakes (except for durian goodies) from 8pm to 9pm daily.

Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road
Singapore 228221
Tel: 6730 1786

Operating hours
- 9am to 9pm daily
Website for Deli


taster said...

Do you know if they sell scones at the deli? I know Les Saveurs sells theirs for $2.50 a piece.

Sue said...

so this is the best blackforest you have tasted by far? i realised none of the blackforests you've tried actually appeals to you.

Fen said...

Taster: Scones are not available at the Deli but if you wish to buy you might want to email to Alternatively, these can be enjoyed at L'espresso Afternoon high tea.

Sue: I wouldn't say none of the blackforests appeal to me but rather my ideal Blackforest would be not overly sour or excessively soaked in kirsch with good chocolate sponge and/or chocolate mousse. To say the nicest I have come across so far among my entries, it would be the Blackforest from Something to Go, Regent Hotel.

But there are some that are worth a mention, such as Big O and Four Leaves for an "old school taste"; or rich chocolate mousse ones from Checkers Deli, Hilton Hotel and Al Forno; Laurent Bernard Chocolatier is also one that top on my list for its overall texture.

In short, if you ask me to recommend, I would ask you what is the sort of Blackforest you like as each and every Blackforest(s) listed in this blog is good in their own way =)

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