Sunday, July 5, 2009

Durian Cake @ Jane's Cake Station

Jane's Durian Cake 2

Taking a short break from durians, brings its 4th installation for this year's durian special - The durian cake from Jane's Cake Station. Located at the rustic Jalan Kayu, this shop is a rare find in an area more known for its prata.

This cake is made of one layer of fresh cream over the top and sponge cake which sandwich the durian cream. For those expecting solid durian pulp, you would be utterly disapointed. The filling tastes more like durian ice cream, slightly milky and creamy rather than anywhere close to the real thing. Overall I wouldn't recommend this to the true durian lover however I do understand that there is a group out there would like light durian desserts.

This durian cake is sold at $38 (8"), $58 (10"), $98 (12"x12"), $128 (12"x14") and $158 (12"x18").

Jane's Cake Station
265 Jalan Kayu
Tel: 6481 1322

Mon to Sat - noon to 6pm
Sunday & public holidays - noon to 4pm
Closed on Wednesday


pammiez said...

Have you tried Spike D from Big O? Its a durian chocolate cake. Pretty good too! =)

Fen said...

Sometime last year, Julie recommended Spike D but I have yet to try it... Thank you for the reminder... This time I won't miss it since I am on a durian spree...

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