Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hazelnut Pear Torta

Sold at $6.90++ per slice and $45++ as a whole, this is basically a crunchy hazelnut cake with caramelized pear slices.

Hazelnut Pear Torta

This creation was mistaken as a tart and hence the opinion obtained after eating this cake was disappointing. In short, this resembles closer to a walnut cake with its texture alittle tad dry.

I guessed how this cake is accepted depends alot on one's preference so this cake is most likely to appeal to those who fancy nutty cakes or brownies.

Anyway, I just learn from Wikipedia that there are several defintions to the word "Torta". For instance, it can refer to a small fried mixture of scrambled eggs (huevo en torta), or a sweet cake in most South American countries and even a kind of omelette in the Philippines.

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