Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Patite Patisserie: Exclusive Bloggers Preview

You want something different for a birthday occasion but for some reason, time or cost is a factor.

What are your options available?
Most customized orders for cakes requires an advance order of 3 days and delivery charges for cakes aren't cheap for small orders.

Well, the new addition of The Patissier, Patite Patisserie may have the solution you need. Introducing a range of frozen mousse cakes made from premium ingredients without any artificial preservatives or agents, it gives the flexibility to when to purchase the cake and the room for creativity.


Decorating your own cakes is something not new. Icing Room from the Breadtalk group has created a stir to allow people to decorate the cake with icing on the spot.

What makes Patite Patisserie different from them is the use of mousse cakes and them being sold in supermarkets. These cakes are currently available at Meidi-Ya supermarket (Liang Court) and maybe NTUC or Cold Storage in the near future.

What does that mean?
You can make last minute purchase as late as 10pm at your convenience.

If you are curious about the technology used to ensure freshness, the information is available on their website. In short, each cake is snapped frozen to ensure freshness and the cake can be consumed after defrosting in the fridge for a few hours.


Although the frozen cakes are not bundled with basic decorative ingredients, one will be surprised simple candies and biscuits that are usually found in most households will do the trick. If not, there are premade sugar figurines available to simplify cake decorating.


The beauty of decorating yourself would also mean an opportunity available for children to showcase the creative side of them.


Doesn't this kid make it looks as easy as ABC? Or rather, to the adults, it maybe a perfect excuse for kids to mess up the kitchen? Whatever the case, getting a few of these cakes for parties will definitely be something novel.


For now, these cakes only come in one size, 500gm and are priced at $25. Depending on how one looks at it, it is definitely not the cheapest cake in market so how it taste matters.

There are currently three flavours and each of them has its raves and rants. Chocolate Dream, a combination of chocolate mousse and chocolate sponge, has no doubt been an all-time favourite. Though it has been described to be made from ingredients obtained from Barry Callebaut, Valrhona and Cocoa Berry, the overall taste is not exceedingly rich.

Strawberry delight (strawberry mousse with vanilla sponge) and Mango Madness (mango mousse with vanilla sponge) are the non-chocolate alternatives and were pretty well-received in the event. Light and refreshing is what most described and having it snapped frozen previously, I have to admit the texture is pretty decent.

In short, given the way it is processed and its price, the taste offered is definitely above average and easily accepted by most.


As a parting shot, we present Yuan's and Fen's very own creation. We call this 'The Chocolate Cake'. Not too bad for a first attempt, right?


Since this is a blogger event, we are happy to meet up with good old foodies, Elaine, Daniel & Lay Sian, Justin and the sisters, Phoebe and Chloe.

Lastly, many thanks to Senior Account Excecutive, Ms. Celena Ho for extending the invitation for us to attend the Bloggers' preview of Patite Patisserie at Hotel Re!.

For more information, check out Patite Patisserie's website.


Ju Ann said...

Lol. I love your cake's name. So original.

I called mine the Mango Wonderland lol

HungryTrotters said...

Love your group pic! You all look lovely with your chef's hat and sweet cake creation :)

Fen said...

Ju Ann: Hehe, courtesy of Yuan...

Loraine: Thank you =)

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