Sunday, July 4, 2010

No. 47 Mango Mousse Cake from Ritz Carlton

Mango Mousse Cake

If there is one hotel for me to recommend, be it service or quality, it has to be Ritz Carlton. If one has been following the blog, despite the absence of a take-away counter and that all the cakes are only available as a whole, I have always make it a point to get one every year.

When asked for a mango cake recommendation, the very first thing that striked me was the mango mousse cake I had 2 years ago. The entire combination was so memorable that I am confident my colleagues are going to like it (Notice I have never blogged about the cakes I have gotten for my colleagues apart from this one).

Mango Mousse Cake

My comments are pretty much going to be the same as my previous post and the niche about this cake is the splendid use of mango in the various components of this cake, starting from the fresh mango balls, the mousse, the jelly and summing the entire combination with a layer of European vanilla sponge that has a very fine crumb.

I am one who don't eat mangoes on its own and there is a distinctive taste about mango which I don't like. In particular for mango desserts and cakes, this "artificial" taste dreads me alot but surprisingly I don't encounter this in Ritz Carlton's Mango Mousse Cake. Instead, I love every little bit of it and was craving for more, considering this cake was shared among 14 people.

The other plus point of Ritz Carlton is that they only need a minimum of 3 hours to prepare the cakes available from the list (3 days advance notice is required for custom-made cakes) so freshness can be assured.

All the cakes are available in 20-cm and the cakes available at Ritz Carlton for 2010 are
- Almond Frangipane Tart with Sesaonal Red Berries ($60+)
- The Platinum Chocolate Fudge Cake ($65+)
- Mango Mousse with Mango Jelly topped with fresh Mango ($62+)
- New York-Style Vanilla Cheese Cake with Red Forest Berries ($58+)
- Classic Black Forest ($62+)
- Chocolate and Hazelnut Royal Mousse ($60+)
- Fresh Strawberry Cream Cake with White Chocolate ($58+)
- Tiramisu : Coffee-scented Whipped Cheese Mousse ($55+)

Should you need a copy of the cake list, you can contact Ritz Carlton via email or I can gladly forward you a copy.

The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore
7 Raffles Avenue
Singapore 039799
Tel: 6434 5288


ice said...

I really really want to try this mango mousse cake. Like you fen, I don't fancy mangoes especially in my cakes & desserts but I love mango mousse cakes. Looks like this is a must-try, I must find a reason to get the whole cake.

Ritz Carlton's cake list this year looks very good. Every cake/tart on the list is totally calling out to me.

Fen said...

Mango mousse cakes are just like operas, very rare and are often disappointing.

Yea, to me, this is a must-try... The fresh mangoes make this cake alot more refreshing and addictive.

Actually, the cake list has shortened. Apart from Classic Black Forest that is introduced recently,
- Vanilla Caramel Mille Feuille,
- White Chocolate Mousse with Lychees and Raspberries,
- Coconut Mousse Cake with Candied Pineapple and
- Milk Chocolate Mousse with Dark Chocolate Walnut Brownie
are no longer available... Was wondering what was the cake served on my recent visit to Summer Pavilion. Thought I could just purchase it as a whole.

If I am not mistaken, I may have come across their Platinum Chocolate Fudge Cake during the buffet. It is something similar to BakerZin's Chocolate Amer that is richer and smoother. Yuan love that so much but the cake was too popular that we only had 1 helping.

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