Sunday, July 4, 2010

No. 49 Mango Cake from Orchard Hotel

Mango Cake

It has been awhile since we bought a cake listed in the 50 Yummiest Cakes article.

Having ordered Ritz Carlton's Mango Mousse Cake for my colleague's birthday, I am tasked to get another mango cake for another birthday occasion which is just less than a week away.

Described by the article that this is generously inlaid with fresh mango slices and sprinkled with fluffy coconut flakes, I thought a hotel's signature cake will not go wrong but the impression obtained was not far away from Yuan's impression of Bengawan Solo's mango cake.

Reason being? The sliced mango with a layer of jelly served with fresh cream and sponge is quite old-school and having ate a fantastic mango mousse cake from Ritz Carlton, I doubt this is going to impress. Looks like I will need help from my readers to suggest good mango cakes for me?

FYI, each sliced is priced at $5.80+ and whole cake is available in 2 sizes (500gm and 1kg) priced at $32+ and $42+ respectively.

The Orchard Cafe
Orchard Hotel Singapore
442 Orchard Road
Singapore 238879
Tel: 6739 6565



ice said...

I've tried Orchard Hotel's mango cake before & I don't remember it to be like this. I thought it was pretty good then. But that was quite long ago so they might have tweaked the recipe.

Fen said...

Does it look similar to what is in the picture? I thought it was pretty ordinary, considering it is just cream and sponge... Moreover, it has the "mango" taste which I dislike so I passed the entire cake for Yuan to finish.

On the contuary, I didn't mind more helpings on their green tea mousse.

Steven Finn said...

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