Sunday, July 4, 2010

Green Tea Mousse @ Orchard Cafe

Green Tea Mousse

There is no hard and fast rule when making a green tea dessert and so far, the pairing for green tea in various patisseries and hotels have been very different. With a bitterish after-taste and that incorporating into sponge may make the sponge dry and rough, it has always been a challenge to find a nice green tea cake and often most green tea desserts are disastrous.

For Orchard Hotel, Green Tea Mousse ($5.80+) is a unique combination of green tea sponge with mango jelly and the outcome is a refreshing treat. Just like most green tea cakes, the sponge is often dry but the hotel overcomes it by layering it with mango jelly which contrast very well and the mousse makes the overall relatively moist. In our humble opinion, we thought this is better than the hotel's signature Mango Cake.

The Orchard Cafe
Orchard Hotel Singapore
442 Orchard Road
Singapore 238879
Tel: 6739 6565



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