Friday, July 23, 2010

Brownies from Baked and Eaten

Whenever Yuan asked me what form of business will be feasible in Singapore, my answer will always be "it is never going to be a patisserie or bakery". Why so? Having blog a fair bit on desserts,I realize there are two distinctive group of patrons, the ones that willing to spend, travel but hold high expectation; and the ones that would prefer savoury and only indulge when desserts are within reach and affordable.


Hence, when Yuan first come across the baking project set up by Whisk and Fold, he can't help but to be amazed by how people can give up their stable jobs for passion. Setting up a patisserie may not be something new but what Delcie Lam did was to set up a halal-certified kitchen studio and inspire home bakers to make and market their product via a legal channel.

Charmaine from Baked and Eaten is one of the bakers accepted into Whisk and Fold family and her specialization is chocolate brownies made from quality ingredients that are purchased on the day of production to ensure freshness.

Comes in a lovely plastic box of 8, there are 3 flavours (Walnut Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Cranberry and Swirled Cheese Cocoa) to choose from.


Swirled Cheese Cocoa Brownies are our favourite for its soft and rich texture. Sweetness is just right and the cheese topping is smooth and comparable to an American cheesecake. However, for those who likes pure chocolate brownie, the cheese topping seems to neutralize the "kick" chocolate usually gives.


Dark Chocolate Cranberry and Walnut Chocolate would appeal more to the brownie lovers who love chocolate on its own.

Apart from the use of good quality ingredients, having baked in a Halal Boutique Bakery, it can be considered for cooperate events.

Check out her thoughts and route in optimising her brownies on her blog...

For more details on ordering, don't miss out on her website...

For inspiring home bakers, Whisk and Fold might be the place you are all this while looking for.

Lastly, a big thank you to Charmaine for sharing with us her freshly baked brownes.


HungryTrotters said...

Yummy...i'll go for the Walnut Chocolate :)

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