Friday, July 16, 2010

28. New York Cheesecake from Blue Magnolia

Cheesecake is a common candidate in most patisseries but one will be surprised how different it can taste.

NY Cheesecake

Described by ST to be made with premium cream cheese, the New York Cheesecake from Blue Magnolia is creamy, smooth and rich. In addition, the smooth surface and a good degree of moisture makes this cheesecake more outstanding than most.

Seasalt Caramel Cake

What I thought was more memorable was the Seasalt Caramel Cake. Salted caramel has always been a highlight in the context of pastry, probably due to the nice confusion created between sweetness and saltiness. Having being a sticky ingredient, most would have paired it with chocolate but Blue Magnolia does it even better with hazelnut feuilletine.

Blue Magnolia

Having ate the operas from The Line shop, this falls short on both texture and the strength of the coffee buttercream. The top layer of chocolate is just too overwhelming making it closer to a chocolate cake.

Chocolate fudge cake was not too bad but the major players would have deserved more attention for it having a sticky fudge and moist chocolate sponge.

Yuan described Blue Magnolia's Carrot cake to be closer to Barcook's Carrot cake due to a distinctive presence of cinnamon and the raisins. Cream cheese frosting is closer to icing since it lacks the tiny bit of saltiness.

For frangipane lovers, the raspberry almond cake and blueberry cake will leave a deeper impression, given its sweet and crumby texture with a hint of sourishness.

Petite desserts can be misleading, given its small proportion but having ate 8 tiny creations from Blue Magnolia, the overall impression tells us that this place deserved a second visit. Ultimately, there aren't many patisseries that sells bite-sized desserts (e.g. Gobi and Pat's Pastry) and this is the best among the 3. Be it taste and selection.

NY Cheesecake

As for cheesecakes, Hotel Hilton will remain on the top of my list.

Each petite dessert cost $2.20 and apparently there is a 50% discount after a certain timing for Fridays. I am not very sure about the details as the staff didn't disclose much so do call up if you have intention to catch the promotion. If I am not mistaken, a box of 9 is about $14.90.

Blue Magnolia
Market Street Carpark
146 Market Street
Singapore 048945
Tel: 6535 2623 / 6534 2623

Operating hours:
11am to 7pm (Mon to Fri)
Closed on Sat, Sun and P.H.


Stargirl said...

oh blue magnolia opened at outlet at raffles place? now we don't have to travel all the way to macpherson to get their cakes.

i love cakes (as well as food in general) that comes in small servings, cos i love to try as many different flavors as possible (: yup, i'm not afraid to openly declare my gluttony!

HungryTrotters said...

Indeed, the cheesecake looks very smooth. *yum yum*

Fen said...

Stargirl: Yea, Macpherson is so far away... but should be better since the circle line has opened...

Note the opening hours for this branch as they closed early on weekdays and are not opened on weekends...

Small servings are good for tasting and we are not caught in a dilemma of what to choose.

Loraine: NY cheesecake shouldn't be hard to get in Netherlands, right?

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