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Sunday Brunch at Checkers Brasserie

Hilton Singapore is one that offers daily themed buffets, so diners are in for a surprise for each day of the week. Of the daily themes (e.g. Indian, Thai, Japanese, Mediterranean and Seafood), it is no surprise the most talk-about one is Checkers Brasserie's Japanese buffet with free-flow sake and being a first-timer, we thought the Sunday Champagne Brunch will be a good starting point to enjoy the kaleidoscope of flavours present by Hilton Singapore's Checkers Brasserie.

Apart from that, Hilton Singapore is also the first and only hotel in Singapore to serve premium Louis Roederer Brut Champagne as an accompaniment to the Sunday Champagne Brunch.

Checkers Brasserie, Hilton Hotel

For those who has visited Hilton Singapore, one would have noticed that Kaspia Bar which is located outside Checkers Brasserie has opened up to cater more selections for the Sunday Champagne Brunch.

As for the overall ambience, Checkers Brasserie has retained its style of unpretentious dining, with its theme focusing the English cottage style with cherry wood furnishings. This is very unlike of other hotel buffets since the atmosphere is akin to a coffee-house, homely, casual and laid-back.

Organic salads and appetizers

Unlike other buffets, Executive Chef Sandro Falbo specifically mentioned the array of organic salads and appeitizers supplied by Glow Juice Bar And Cafe (Hilton Singapore, level 2).

Seafood, sashimi and fresh shuckled oysters

A buffet would not have been completed if there is no seafood and the value add for this station is an extensive spread of seafood and sashimi, not forgetting the fresh oysters from Canada, New Zealand and Australia, shuckled upon request.

Chef Sandro Falbo‏ introducing the raclette cheese

The focus of the Sunday buffet is Medi-Asia (Mediterranean and Asia) The sections outside Checkers Brasserie focus on Mediterranean while the stations within Checkers Brasserie focus on Asian food.

Executive Chef Sandro Falbo aims to bring in a different perspective of buffet and having being in Hilton Singapore for only 4 months, one will be surprised how adventurous he is with food.

His latest addition to the buffet line is the raclette cheese. A half round block of cheese held in front of a fire. The melted cheese is scraped (racie) onto a plate, and served with boiled potatoes, pearl onions and pickles. The next item which Executive Chef Sandro Falbo is looking at is to make mozzarella live so cheese lovers would not want to miss this out.

Carvings - Roast prime ribs, lamb leg, baked salmon

When Yuan asked Chef Falbo his definition of Mediterranean food, he waved his hand towards the carvings, pasta, foie gras, salad stations. These are prepared in the way one would find in the Mediterrnaean countries - Italy, France, Greece, Southern Spain and Northen Africa.

We can easily conclude that this buffet has the most amount of carvings served (till date and based on our knowledge), ranging from Roasted Chicken, Herb and Salt Crusted Roast Prime Rib, Roasted Lamb Leg and Baked Salmon with Puff Pastry. Moreover, Chef Falbo placed lots of emphasis in slow and low heat cooking to minimize the stress inflicted on the meat, hence making all of them tender, juicy and easy on chewing.

Foie gras - served cold and pan-fried

As mentioned, Foie Gras is another highlight and is pan-fried a-la-minute upon request. While waiting for the foie gras to be ready, one can help themselves to the cold preparations of foie gras and parma ham placed near the station.

In addition, the pasta station is one not to be missed as the chefs are meticulously trained by Chef Falbo himself.

Asian cuisine

While Chef Falbo takes care of the Mediterranean cuisines highlighted earlier on, Chef Lee Hoong Wah oversees the Asian cuisine. According to Marketing Communications Manager, Ms. Joyce Moo, Checkers Brasserie is managed by a team of more than 25 chefs from all parts of the world. For instance, Spice and Herbs (Monday buffet) are taken care by chefs from North India while the Japanese (Wednesday and Saturdays) stations are prepared by chefs Japan. This is something Hilton Singapore aims to bring about, authentic cuisines carefully crafted by their very own team of chefs. Of course, these dishes are slightly fine-tuned to suit the local taste buds.


For those who has tried Hilton Singapore's desserts some time back, here are some excuses to pop by Checkers Brasserie or Checkers Deli once more. Executive Pastry Chef Christophe Grilo, who joined Hilton Singapore in September 2009 has brought about new flavours and presentation to Hilton Singapore's array of desserts. One will not be disapppointed as Pastry Chef Christophe Grilo has vast experience in Michelin star restaurants in France as well as distinguished establishments in Japan, United States, Hong Kong and Macau.

Overall, Hilton Singapore's Sunday brunch is definitely highly recommended, particularly for the carnivores. Most carvings served in other hotel buffets can be tough and chewy but almost all the meat served at this Sunday brunch were so tender. Moreover, Yuan is one lamb hater but finished the entire slice of roasted lamb as the meat was tender with no "gamey" smell. Also, being a non foie gras lover, we have to admit that the ones we had on Sunday was no doubt one of the better ones with nice condiments. The raclette cheese steals the show too for its smell whiffing from the melting process and rich taste. Indeed a satisfying feast =)

The entire dining experience, as described by both Chef Falbo and Ms. Moo, is casual, making it a good choice for families or gatherings on a lazy Sunday. The cakes and desserts available that day were all light on palate and if one happen to see colourful cheesecake lollipops that are camouflaged as decorations, don't forget to pick one to eat. That is something unique and delicious.

For wine lovers, Checkers Brasserie has an in-house wine connoisseur who is there to make recommendations and suggestions for pairing. As for children, there is a dedicated play area consisting of Sony Playstation, toys, candyfloss and a mini kid's buffet so parents can dine in comfort while their kids are having fun too. Magicans, balloon sculpturist and face painters are also there to provide amusing entertainment for diners of all ages.

For readers who has followed our buffet entries, one will be surprised by the amount of photos we have put in for this post. Reason being, each and every station is carefully crafted by Hilton's very own chefs and almost every dish available that day is worth some attention. Of course, in any buffets, there are hits and misses but the impression left in this buffet was so positive that we cannot remember what were the dishes that have fall short on expectation.

The crew - Wine Connoisseur, Chefs and Marketing Communications Manager

Lastly, before signing off, our sincere thanks to Ms. Stefanie (wine connoisseur), Executive Chef Sandro Falbo, Marketing Communications Manager Ms. Joyce Moo and Chef Lee Hoong Wah for making our Sunday Brunch so memorable. Special mention to Executive Chef Sandro Falbo and Ms. Joyce Moo for spending their precious time to explain each of the stations and to allow photography to make this post possible. Also special thanks to Hilton Singapore for the complimentary meal.

The pricing are as follows,
Monday (Spices & Herbs)
$35++ for both lunch and dinner, children between 6-12 yrs old dines at half price

Tuesday (Authentic Thai)
$35++ for both lunch and dinner, children between 6-12 yrs old dines at half price

Wednesday (Japanese)
$42++ for lunch, $45++ for dinner, children between 6-12 yrs old dines at half price

Thursday (Mediterranean)
$40++ for both lunch and dinner, children between 6-12 yrs old dines at half price

Friday (Seafood)
$42++ for lunch, $52++ for dinner, children between 6-12 yrs old dines at half price

International Hi-Tea (Noon to 4pm) - $37++, children between 6-12 yrs old dines at half price

Washoku & Sake - $53++, children between 6-12 yrs old dines at half price

Champagne Brunch (Noon to 3pm)
$85++ with free flow of fresh juices
$105++ with 3 glasses of wine
$110++ with free flow of wine or 3 glasses of Louis Roederer Champagne
$160++ with free flow of Louis Roederer Champagne
$25++ for children aged 6-12 yrs

Don't miss out on the $10 Buffet Citibank promotion at Hilton Singapore
Enjoy daily-themed buffets, or indulge in a sumptuous brunch on Sundays, at Checkers Brasserie
$10 dinner buffet for 3rd adult*
$10 Sunday Brunch for 4th adult
Kids dine free* with every 2 adults
*Valid on weekdays during dinner only. Kids have to be aged 12 and below. All offers are valid with paying adults as specified above till 3 October 2010. Valid for food only, prevailing GST and service charges apply.

Also, there is a 10% discount for UOB, HSBC & Citibank cardholders.

Checkers Brasserie
Hilton Singapore
581 Orchard Road
Singapore 238883
Tel: 6730 3390


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looking great!!

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wow... i'm sure it was worth the price!

Fen said...

Phoebe: Hope you are feeling better now. If you like meat, don't missed this out. I enjoyed the carvings so much that I went for second and third helpings... Very different from Triple 3.

Stargirl: Particularly when there is a $10 citibank promotion for the 4th diner. Don't miss that out...

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