Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mid-Autumn Treasures from Shang Palace

Custard Bird Nest Mooncake

In my younger days, I have never fancied mooncakes and Mid-Autumn Festival in my childhood is mainly the Piglet Biscuits, given my dislike towards lotus paste. The turning point came when someone gave a box of Bird's Nest with Custard in Snowskin to my dad. That was 15 years ago and the box was in a humble-looking plastic case.

Refreshing Japanese mochi rice cakes-like snowskin, creamy custard with chopped bits of swallow nest definitely suits a child's palate. Since then, I have seeked for a cheaper alternative, Mini Snow Skin Custard Mooncake from East Ocean Teochew Restaurant but realized it was a disappointing treat after eating mooncakes from more than 10 sources last year.

This year, I have camped on Shangri-la website to revive my liking towards this creation. Although the snowskin seems to have a higher flour content, rendering it to be similar to Kueh Tutu (Steamed rice flour cake), the fragrance emitted from the smooth custard simply makes each mooncake addictive. Notice, I didn't mention much about the bird nest? Well, it was the texture of the entire mooncake that score the bulk of the point.

A box of 8 costs $82+ and each piece is $12+.

Shang Baked Mooncake

Comparing the baked mooncakes from Jewels Artisan Chocolates, the lotus paste is sweeter and sticker. In layman terms, it seems to be thicker or more concentrated. However, having spoke to one of the chefs, such characteristic is due to the proportion of sugar and the temperature and time in which the paste is simmered (since the proportion of lotus seeds is roughly the same for most recipes).

So for those who prefers a richer, sweeter and sticky lotus paste, this will catch your attention, given how fragrance the baked skin is. Apart from the mentioned classics from Shang Palace, four novel mooncake flavours such as Baked Red Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk and Macadamia Nuts and Mini Snowskin Champagne Chocolate Truffle with Sesame and Hazelnut are also available in this year selection.

For more ordering information, the order form is downloadable from here.
Available from from 16 Aug to 22 Sept 2010.

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