Friday, August 27, 2010

Brunch @ Krish

Krish is one of the newer establishments to the family of restaurants located at Rochester Park (opened in November 2009) and this restaurant is a joint effort of Nikhil Krishnan and Chef Matthew Baker who aim to infuse South Asian culture into contemporary European cuisine.


Having housed in a restored colonial-style house, one can expect different dining ambience in one location.

Indoor dining

For instance, the restaurant and bar keep the key elements of art and culture via its choice of ornaments and painting, while at the same time, bring a laid back and homely feel through the timber furnishing and parquet flooring.

On the other hand, the dining area at level 2 adopts English cottage atmosphere, with more tables catering to group of 4.

Dining in the garden

The garden which is linked via the staircase at the front of the restaurant or a link way from level 2 is one place to be considered for private events, particularly for those who enjoys morsels of nature and tranquilly. With greenery verging the area, adding freshness and natural beauty, diners have a chance to soak up the peace and quiet, making it ideal for a laid-back brunch.

Moreover, the wooden decking underfoot creates a rustic feel and brings warmth to the area. The best part is that a slight drizzle will not upset the atmosphere of this area since it is well sheltered.

Krish Egg Benedict ($18)

Krish Eggs Benedict ($18++) is served with curried duck breast and hollandaise sauce. Most of the time, poached eggs are served with bacon or ham with lots of hollandaise sauce which may work either way. In this case, the choice of using curried duck breast makes it seemingly weaker in its sodium content. The amount of vinegar for this dish seems to be optimum to our liking as it is not overly sour and the only drawback would be to have the yolks more runny.

Breakfast Chapatti wrap ($14)

On the other hand, Breakfast Chapatti Wrap ($14++) is a combination of eggs, bacon, white cheddar, roasted potato, peppers and caramelized onion, wrapped in a chapatti . Since chapatti is made of wholewheat flour, one can expect this to be a healthier choice. Since potato and onions constitute a fair bit of its content, it does resemble a modern twist to potato masala.

Mac & Cheese ($8)

Unlike the popular or rather more well-heard Kenny Rogers' Macaroni and Cheese, this cream-tossed macaroni has a nice cheesy crust. Depending on how rich you want this dish to be, it either works very well or disappoints alittle.

Bread and Butter Pudding

The Bread and Butter Pudding ($14++) offered in Krish is a complete twist to the traditional bread and custard. Krish defines theirs to be bread pudding for the two pieces of crisp french toast placed on top of the creation. To us, this seems to be a nicely assembled cake with Cinnamon Sponge and Vanilla Custard; and what we like about this is the strong fragrance of vanilla whiffing from both the mousse and the sauce.

 Malleable Chocolate Ganache

On the other hand, the Malleable Chocolate Ganache ($14++) disappoints alittle. A fair bit of gelatin or stabilizers have been added to the chocolate to create a "strong" barrier to hold the Spice Port Granita. Though we are desserts lovers, to a certain extent, deconstructed desserts do not appeal to us as much as a classic chocolate ganache.

Overall, the brunch menu is relatively new and the restaurant is still in the midst of optimizing it. Hence we won't be surprised there may be changes to the menu by the time this write-up is published. Moreover, given the background of the two owners, the restaurant focus on using spices to infuse into European cuisine and based on our understanding, Chef Janice Wong, pastry chef of 2am dessert bar is no longer the advisor for Krish's desserts. Guess there will be more surprises from Chef Matthew Baker to present his very own creations.

Lastly, many thanks to Ms. Xiaomin from Ate Consulting Pte Ltd for the invite to try out Krish’s relaxing brunch menu.

9 Rochester Park
Singapore 139220
Tel 6779 4664


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