Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vanilla White Chocolate Tart

Vanilla White Chocolate Tart

As mentioned before, hotel tarts tends to have varying layers. This is no surprise, which comprises of vanilla white chocolate mousse, sponge cake, white chocolate custard and a tart base.

Very simple combination yet delicious. Fragrant vanilla mousse with vanilla beans pairs perfectly with the milky effects of white chocolate. The tart pastry and cake sponge lightens the overall texture making it a nice dessert after meals.

The only downside is that the tart is not small and gets alittle sweet when one attempt to finish it on its own. Nevertheless, this baby worth sacrificing some calories.

The Dining Room
Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel
39 Scotts Road S(228230)
Tel 6737 6888
Website for The Dining Room


ice said...

This tart is totally calling out to me... so is the next one coming up. (:

raelynn said...

is it excessively sweet??

Fen said...

Ice: I forgot that you are a fan of tarts... Try this, something different =)

If I am not mistaken, Yuan scheduled the next one, which is a chocolate tart on Friday.

Limited entries these days as I am eating cakes without a camera on weekdays and weekends are my cake-blogging days :D

Raelynn: It is not sweet but when you attempt to eat too much white chocolate in a go, you will find it alittle milky and sweet, at least for me. I wouldn't say the tart is excessively sweet but rather the "side effects" of eating too much white chocolate.

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