Friday, November 13, 2009

Chocolate Praline Tart by The Dining Room

Chocolate Praline Tart

Chocoholics will prefer this over a conventional chocolate tart. Instead of a buttery tart base, Sheraton Towers replaces it with a chocolate boat. Hence apart from the raspberry and praline, everything else is chocolate.

Within the boat is smooth and rich chocolate mousse with thin layers of sponge and praline. Over the top you have crunchy chocolate balls with chocolate fudge topped over it.

Personally, this is really all that a chocolate lover could ask for, everything chocolate within one tart.

Just in case you are thinking of purchasing a whole cake from Sheraton Towers for a special occassion, the hotel's signature is the chocolate praline cake. Based on our experience with this tart, we can understand why it is popular among Sheraton Towers' dining guests.

For cheesecake, Sheraton Towers has the options of Strawberry, Baileys (this month special), Oreo and Mocca in a whole cake. Lastly, a whole Tiramisu cake order requires 4-days in advance.

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