Friday, November 27, 2009

Once Upon A Milkshake

Located in the colonial building along the bustling streets of Tanjong Pagar, this place provides a casual and light-hearted place for the sweet tooths to gather.

Once upon a milkshake

The niche of this place, not just lies in the beverages and bites served but also the decor the owner has put up. Using purple and white as the theme, this place does emit a magical and whimsical feel. It is no surprise this place is booked for birthdays and even wedding proposal.

Interior I

Interior II

Alright setting aside the ambience, now the highlights. Apparently the formula to OUAM's good shakes lies in them being hand-churned with an optimized composition of in-house ice cream and low-fat milk.

Frankly speaking, all their flavours sound tempting and I am glad that they have it in 2 sizes (mini @ $3.30 and regular @ $5.50). Settling with 3 minis, we have decided with
- Agent Strawberry (100% fresh strawberries)
- Nutty Peanut Butler (Smooth & creamy peanut butter with crunchy peanuts)
- Sir Cookies & cream (Rich vanilla with good old Oreo cookies)

The uniqueness of each flavour is the topping which adds the additional crunch. For Agent Strawberry, fresh strawberries are added giving a sourish yet refreshing taste. Peanut Butler generally tasted like vanilla milk shake with the slight hint of peanut butter taste and of course crunchy peanuts. Sir Cookies and Cream on the other hand has a distinctive strong vanilla base with a nice after crunch of Oreo bits.

3 mini shakes

A mini cup of chocolate chip cookies is available @ $2.50 and what we liked about the cookies is the home-baked taste, not-too-sweet. While Fen felt that it was addictive, Yuan felt that it crumbles easily and the chips were not generous enough.

Choco chip cookies

Anyway, if you are wondering where is Maxwell Chambers, this former goods and customs building is located between Tanjong Pagar MRT station and Red Dot Design Museum. The distinct colonial building is not easily missed if one comes out from the right exit.

Maxwell chambers

P.S. We dropped by OUAM yesterday and tried their Chocolate Truffle Castle (Chocolate with truffle bits) and Cerious Maple (Maple syrup with crunchy maple cereals).

Chocolate Truffle Castle initially tasted ordinary but subsequent slurps made us realize its rich chocolate content, giving a slight heaty feeling. Fen did mention about the slight powdery aftertaste, thereby preferring Awfully Chocolate's/Tom's chocolate ice-cream.

As some has pointed out, Cerious Maple is alittle sweet but as one drinks further, the fragrance of maple syrup becomes more prominent and shares the same effect of Movenpick's Maple Walnut.

Also, Agent Strawberry continues to steal the show as I bought some minis home. Did I mention that my sister feels that one mini is not enough for her and that my dad prefers more strawberries in the milkshake but all of them gives its rich texture a thumbs up.

Once upon a milkshake
Maxwell chambers (a.k.a. white house)
32 Maxwell Road
Singapore 069115
Tel: 9823 3779

Operating hours: 11am to 11pm (daily)


SistaFood said...

Seems like many bloggers went to once upon a milkshake recently!
Which two flavours do you like most?
PB and cookies and cream flavour are sureee tempting!

ice said...

I love love the strawberry, fen. (: You should try the rum & raisin next time, it's really good too. Peanut butter for me next.

elaine said...

i wanna visit this place too!! will definitely do the strawberry =D

SLYuan said...

Our favourite flavours are Cerious Maple and Nutty Peanut Blutter

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