Friday, November 20, 2009

Chocolate Truffle @ The Line Shop

Chocolate Truffle

The Line Shop's bestseller and also the hotel's recommendation for a chocolate cake. This dark chocolate sponge base with chocolate mousse, coated in smooth dark chocolate and raspberries, will impress most chocoholics for its velvetly smooth dark chocolate mousse. With a layer of chocolate fudge and chocolate sponge, the entire experience was like eating a superior chocolate ice cream cake.

Each slice of chocolate truffle costs $6.75+, a 0.5kg cake $24+ (can serve up to 6 people) and a 1kg cake $48+. Although the 0.5kg cake is available off the shelf, The Line Shop would need 3 days in advance for cake booking.

There is no credit card discount but a 30% discount for whole cakes and 50% discount for sliced cakes after 6pm everyday.

Chocolate Truffle II

The Line Shop
Shangri-la, Singapore
22 Orange Grove Road,
Singapore 258350
Tel: 6213 4377
Website for The Line Shop


ice said...

I'm not usually a chocolate cake fan but this cake draws my attention. It's the location of Shangri-la that is a bother.

Fen said...

It is the same situation as the Cheesecake Cafe @ Siglap... I heard that the cakes are good but traveling is always an issue particularly when the weather has not been favourable these days...

ice said...

I actually heard the cheesecakes from Cheesecake Cafe are very mediocre. Nowhere near the league of Hilton's so it may be not worth your trip & calories.

Fen said...

Oh that is surprising to hear.

Hilton cheesecake is my favourite but I heard several of my friends raving about cheesecake cafe.

Guess you have stirred the curiousity in me...

But, judging from the description, I suspect both may not be the same as cheesecake cafe seems to be the non-baked, dense and rich unlike Hilton's with a light but rich texture.

ice said...

fen, how would you compare this to Kki's LRRH? The chocolate mousse and chocolate glaze in particular.

Fen said...

This indeed strike my mind while I am eating Kki's LRRH.

Texture-wise, both are very close. Smooth and rich...

Kki's LRRH is slightly denser (or rather richer) and bitterish when milk chocolate mousse is concerned and the raspberry puree is too strikingly sour.

The Line Shop's seems to have a more optimum balance of sweetness and bitterness. Moreover, I prefer to have chocolate mousse without the raspberry puree so that the aftertaste of chocolate lingers longer.

Yuan felt that Kki's is slightly creamy and like me, he felt that the raspberry puree is kind of putting off.

ice said...

fen, LRRH is 70% guanaja dark chocolate mousse, not milk chocolate. I thought it's really a very good chocolate mousse cake, very smooth with a good balance of bitter and sweet, more bitter & raspberry not too sour. I especially like the chocolate glaze.

So both of you actually prefer the chocolate truffle from here?

Fen said...

It is good but I didn't like the raspberry puree (my threshold for sour things is quite low), I prefer chocolate mousse with hazelnut feuilletine, at the least the latter will not overshadow the chocolate aftertaste. So for that, I would prefer the chocolate truffle from The Line Shop.

There are actually 2 types of chocolate mousse, one uses raw eggs while the other uses cream. Apparently, the one that uses raw eggs is richer and thicker. (My spectulation) Since Yuan highlighted that the chocolate mousse of LRRH is creamier and "melts easily", it might be made from cream. Think he prefers the version that uses raw eggs...

For me, I can't really recall much but judging from this picture and the one you have uploaded for LRRH, it seems that LRRH looks denser to me. Need to eat them back to back before to compare the two texture, considering this was eaten quite some time ago.

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