Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fruit Tartlet

Fruit Tartlet

Hotel tarts are often more expensive than stand-alone pâtisseries and bakeries but are layered exquisitely with varying layers (e.g. Chocolate Banana Tart from Goodwood Park, Pear with Almond Cream from Regent Hotel) . This fruit tart ($8.00+) has 4 layers, namely the crispy tartlet base, a thin layer of sponge cake, custard and a generous topping of fruits.

The overall combination is predictable judging from the combination and personally I prefer the Delifrance's mixed fruit tart more than this. Although the custard is pretty much the same as Delifrance, the tartlet base lacks the fragrance and the fruit toppings is very sour, particularly the mango and kiwi cubes.

Despite my preference inclining towards Delifrance's fruit tart, I have to admit I do enjoy this dessert completely but I don't deny that I expect more from hotels, given its more expensive price tag.

Note that the sliced cakes are sold at $10 for every 2 slices from 5pm to 9:30pm and half price from 9:30pm to 10pm.

Intercontinental Singapore
80 Middle Road
Singapore 188966
Tel: 6825 1058

Operating hours - 7 am to 10 pm (daily)
Website for Aroma


ice said...

I love Delifrance tarts too, so affordable & delicious. It's really a pity they closed alot of their outlets, so it's not quite convenient to get their tarts & pastries now.

Fen said...

Some things just don't change. Delifrance's fruit tart is one that I had when I am young and since then, I haven't found a second fruit tart that satisfy this much...

I guessed it was a bad move to switch to Delifrance Bistro... *Sigh* do miss the sandwich bar...

Von said...

This fruit tart looks divine!
I've never had a fruit tart as good as this!

Justin Pereira said...

This looks fantastic! Nicely made =)
You going for the dessert outing? Can learn alot from you!

Fen said...

Von: Yea, bought this for the wonderful colours. Hotel tarts are expensive but unique in their way...

Justin: I should be able to come for the dessert outing... Neh, I don't really know alot, just happen to eat alot... >.<

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