Thursday, November 5, 2009

No. 7 Banana Chocolate Cake by Aroma

Although the Sunday Times' 50 yummiest cakes article has been published quite some time ago, and that Fen has blogged about this cake before, I thought it is interesting to share my opinions towards this cake (close to what Fen has shared a year ago).

As quoted in the article...
"This sugar-free cake, made with the sugar substitute maltitol, will make you go bananas with slices of the fruit sandwiched between layers of banana sponge and chocolate cream"

This is really a dream combination for banana lovers.
"Chocolate cream, Banana slices and Banana sponge"

Banana Chocolate

I liked the cake for 2 areas. First, it is not sweet and second the banana slices really made my day (I am a banana lover).

However as a chocolate lover as well, I felt that a richer chocolate cream would have been better. More chocolate content rather than a creamy texture.

Further, I would have prefer a softer banana sponge as the base. In short, plus points for the banana mousse layer but not so, for the 2 layers accompanying it.

Note that the sliced cakes are sold at $10 for every 2 slices from 5pm to 9:30pm and half price from 9:30pm to 10pm.

Intercontinental Singapore
80 Middle Road
Singapore 188966
Tel: 6825 1058

Operating hours - 7 am to 10 pm (daily)
Website for Aroma


Angeline said...

I love chocolate banana cake! Is the one at aroma the best you've tried?

SLYuan said...

Not really the best. The layer of banana was really good but the banana cake below is like of tough. I would prefer a more chocolate-ty version. Vaguely recall that the one from choc-a-lot was better. But I think the Aroma one beats the one from Awfully.

Fen said...

Depends on whether you prefer more bananas or chocolate. I didn't like this one as the chocolate mousse is too creamy, similar to a lighter-version of chocolate ice-cream.

This is unique as it uses banana cake as the base but personally I would prefer the Banana Chocolate Fudge from Choc.a.bloc.

Chocolate Banana from Awfully Chocolate seems to be another hot favourite but kueh-like banana layer cause their chocolate fudge cake to lose its wow factor. Thus, Yuan and I didn't like it as much as their All Chocolate.

Apart from the 2 that Yuan has mentioned, I personally prefer the Chocolate Banana Tart from Goodwood Park. Yummy chocolate with sliced bananas.

A Food and Travel corner said...

I once tried a chocolate banana cake at Island Cafe and fall in love with it, nice match!

Fen said...

O.o... Now that you mention Island Cafe, I think I shouldn't miss out this place... Just read the reviews on HGW and saw their menu, reasonable pricing... Will drop by and try their mains and cakes...

If you like chocolate and banana, do consider the Banana Chocolate Fudge from Choc.a.bloc.

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