Monday, November 9, 2009

Durian Cake by The Dining Room

Durian Cake

On appearance, one can easily mistaken this as the Durian Mousse Cake from Goodwood Park since both hotels have their durian cakes served with bits of sponge cakes layered generously with durian mousse.

But despite the generous layers of durian pulp, the satisfaction level was not there which might be due to the choice of durian cultivar. Unlike the bitterish rich texture which durian lovers adore, the mousse is lighter and lack the punch and fragrance.

For whole durian cake order, Sheraton Towers requires only 3 hours in advance to prepare a whole cake and is available everyday. Lastly, each slice of durian cake costs $6.00+.

The Dining Room
Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel
39 Scotts Road S(228230)
Tel 6737 6888
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