Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pistachio Strawberry by Hilton

Strawberry Pistachio

Pistachio Strawberry - $6.95 nett;

What caught my attention for this cake is the design. Comprising of strawberry jelly, almond sponge and vanilla bavarious, this cake does bear resemblance to CentrePs' Pisa and Nectarie's Pistachio White Chocolate

Just an introduction to vanilla bavarious, a quick internet search leads me to Vanilla Bavarois which is basically a mixture of milk, whipped cream, egg yolks, sugar and gelatine, thus explaining the jelly-like texture.

Like CentrePs' Pisa , this cake is refreshing with a coarse almond sponge. The overall combination is not sweet with a tint of sourishness and has a nice fragrance that lingers in the tongue. The only setback is the layer of raspberry jam which causes the cake to fall apart and when eaten on its own, it can be alittle sour.

This cake is also available as a whole @ $58.85 nett and UOB cardholders can enjoy a 15% off.

Checkers Deli
Hilton Singapore
581 Orchard Road
Singapore 238883
Tel: 6730 3392

Operating hours - 11:00am - 9:00pm (daily)


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