Friday, May 8, 2009

Blackforest by Yamazaki

Yamazaki Boulangerie Chaude

A sister bakery to Sun Moulin @ Shaw Centre, Yamazaki Boulangerie Chaude has made its appearance in the East, at the new Tampines 1 mall. According to Tampines 1 website, Boulangerie Chaude means "hot bakery" in French and what is available in this bakery is pretty similar to Sun Moulin (e.g. Belgium waffles, Japanese snack cakes and English/French bread).

Strawberry creations

Since we are on the Blackforest spree, the entries for this bakery is predictable. Selling at $3.60 per slice. Yamazaki's version of Blackforest is pretty similar to most which consists of chocolate sponge with cherry filling and whipping cream. the end result is a combination of sweet and sour taste.
Black Forest

In our opinion, this Blackforest cake doesn't taste like the rest we have eaten. It is more like a chocolate chip cake whereby the kirsch-soaked cherries is pretty mild. What is more distinct is the chocolate shavings with whipping cream. Two sides of the coin, to compare with Laurent's and Mezza9, there is some lacking in this cake; to compare with old-school bakery, it definitely stands out from the majority.

Yamazaki Boulangerie Chaude
10 Tampines Central 1
#B1-14 Tampines 1
Singapore 529536
Operating hours - 10am to 10pm (daily)


Keropok Man said...

wah. you are so many things from yamazaki!

i should go try one day!

Fen said...

U can also get the cakes from Sun Moulin @ Shaw Centre. They are under the same company =)

Don't miss out on their waffles, particularly when it is freshly made...

Keropok Man said...

I thought Sun Moulin moved away from Shaw Centre?

Or I got it wrong, they moved around the building maybe? Have not stepped in there for a long time!

Used to just sit there while waiting for the ladies to finish their shopping. hehe...

Fen said...

Oh, that I am not sure... at least Sun Moulin was there on my last visit in Feb...

Talking about shopping, I do miss the Japanese restaurant that was at level 3 (I think), I can't remember the name as it was a long long time ago...

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