Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jungle Breakfast

To the locals, the Singapore Zoo is one we remember deeply since childhood; to the foreigners, this is a must-visit place in Singapore.

Ah Meng Restaurant @ the Singapore Zoo

Talking about the Singapore Zoo, one of the most mentioned animal is none other the late Ah Meng, a female Sumatran Orangutan. In fact, apart from being an icon of the Singapore tourism industry, the Singapore Tourism Promotion Board conferred Ah Meng a "Special Tourism Ambassador" in 1992. Thus, one of the highlights the Singapore Zoo provides is the Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife where one gets to have breakfast with the Orangutans.

Jungle Breakfast

Appearance of the Orangutans

This would be a dream breakfast for most kids. Breakfast with Orangutans :) At $25++ excluding admission charges to the zoo, you will have buffet breakfast plus opportunities to take photos with the orangutans. Of course you will also get to touch a baby python. Having to see them at such a close distance, one will be able to observe the mischievous behaviour of the orangutans; and get to understand their daily habits and the different type of species through the verbal introduction by the zoo-keeper.

Feasting time

The spread offers is pretty wide, which includes local favourites such as pratas, baos and fried bee hoon; western-style breakfast such as scrambled eggs, sausages, hash brown, ham, french toast. For those who prefer a lighter breakfast, breads, croissants, danish pastries, cheese and cereals are all included in the buffet. Of course, not missing out the live section where chefs are there to ensure freshly cooked sunny-side ups.

The buffet bar

Bread, crossiants and pastries

Muffins, Salads and Fruits

Assorted cheese

Special dining companions

No doubt, this is one highly recommended breakfast if you are spending a day in the zoo. Since the restaurant is near the Shaw Foundation Amphitheatre, Splash Amphitheatre and Elephants of Asia, one can enjoy 3 animals shows consecutively after the breakfast, namely Rainforest Fights Back @ 10:30am, Splash Safari @ 11am and Elephants At Work & Play @ 11:30am before coming up close and personal with over 3,200 mammals, birds, reptiles and fishes in this 28-hectare “open” zoo.

Rainforest fight back

Splash safari

Elephants at work and play

Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife
Ah Meng Restaurant (Terrace)
Availble daily from 9:00am – 10:30am
$25++ (Adult); $16++ (Child between 6 - 12years)
Tel: 6269 3411 / 6360 8560

Singapore Zoo
80 Mandai Lake Road
Singapore 729826
Zoo admission - $18 (Adult); $9 (Child between 3 - 12years)


Camemberu said...

Hey you guys went to Ah Meng Restaurant too! These are great photos! Love them!

Fen said...

Yea, Yuan is like a kid, wanted to dine with the Orangutans...

Moreover, he saw a review featuring the Jungle Breakfast, thus decided to come by...

Thank you for your compliments... An honour to receive one from you...

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