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It has been a year since Yuan created this blog and I have to admit this entire blogging year has been an eye-opening experience, ranging from the knowledge of food, photography and the pressure to write well. Before I started blogging, my impression of food blogs stop at googling an eatery out and screening through the pictures. In fact, I don't even know the existence of hungrygowhere till recently. Since May 2008, I realized the efforts to put in for every entry is not an easy task and for the past few months, I have the privillege to meet some of the bloggers in person and learn from their experience.

This year's food blogger's lunch was arranged by Brad and Yixiao at a popular French restaurant along Purvis street and was planned perfectly where Chef Gunther presented a 4-course Carte Blanche menu, which includes two starters, a main course, dessert and a cup of tea or coffee.

Gunther's Modern French Cuisine

The ambience this place offers is a nightmare for photographers but lovely for private dining. The choice of charcoal-grey walls matched with leather chairs provides a sense of class, style and sophistication. The paintings, painted glass bowls and other ornaments transform the entire place into a chic museum. Moreover, the use of dim lighting and spotlights lightens the mood to exclude a chic fine dining scene.

The bar at its entrance

Not forgeting the bar at the entrance with its wide selection of wines. To be precise, there are more than 350 labels.

Private dining areas

What makes this restaurant pleasant for special occasions is the way the restaurant is partitioned, with a main dining room where the food blogger's lunch was held and 2 private rooms to provide minimal disturbance to the diners.

Food Bloggers' lunch

Speaking of the dishes, no fanciful ingredients but yet every bite was filled with a punch. For instance, the Japanese tomato was refreshing and sweet while the angel's hair pasta was of the right texture though the truffle oil was a tad strong. Not much to add for the white asparagus but I enjoyed every single bite of the Black Angus Beef which was tender and well-seasoned to my liking; pairing with it was a nicely grilled sweet Japanese corn. Did I miss out emphasizing the crunchy and juicy kernels and that it was sliced nicely to avoid the mess and biting into the cob. Last but not least, simply miss the lovely sugar-coated crust of the apple tart.

Baguette with Olive Oil
Baguette with butter / olive oil

Japanese tomato
Japanese tomato

Cold Angel-hair pasta, caviar
Cold angel hair pasta, Caviar

Poached white asparagus
Poached white asparagus

Grilled Cote de Boeuf, Japanese sweet-corn, sauce Bordelaise
Grilled “Côte de Boeuf", Japanese sweet-corn, sauce Bordelaise

Fine apple tart a la dragees, rum & raisin ice-cream
Fine apple tart a la dragées, Rum & raisin ice-cream

It is no surprise that Gunther's is well-heard despite its short period of opening and that has received many accolades and awards. In fact, Gunther's has won awards for being the Best Singapore Restaurant in the 'New' category in 2007 and 2008.

Awards in Excellence

Before signing it off, the meal would not have been memorable without the company of fellow bloggers and it was indeed a pleasure to be able to chat with Dave, Jiaxin, Antonio, Maureen, Nic, Yixiao, Ivan, Karen, Catherine and to catch up with good old friends, Evan, Elaine and Brad.

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Gunther's - Modern French Cuisine -
36 Purvis Street
Singapore 188613
Tel: 6338 8955


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