Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ah Hoi's Kitchen

The factors that contribute to a good dining experience lies not just the food but also the memory tagged along with it. Decided to drop by Ah Hoi's Kitchen with my family and indeed the dishes for the afternoon leave all tummies satisfied and happy.

Ah Hoi's Kitchen

Most reviews I have come across, have commented that the drinks are pricey at Ah Hoi and I don't deny that. But to be fair to the eatery, they do serve Chinese tea and water (iced/warm).

Kicking start the lunch menu is Ah Hoi's combination, which consists of fried soft shell crab, achar, kueh pie tie and green mango salad. Unlike most soft shell crabs we have tried, these were fried to perfection with minimal sogginess and oil. In fact, crispy till the last bite.

Ah Hoi's combination

The crispy fried noodles are made in-house and are generously served with prawns.

Crispy fried noodles with prawns

The grilled pork ribs are meaty and tender. The irresistable tint of sweetness coating thinly on the exterior made everyone licking their lips.

Grilled Pork Ribs

Steamed cod fish served with crispy beancurd crumbs and preserved vegetables leave a very deep impression on my last visit and the freshness is worth commendable. Because it is lightly seasoned and steamed, the sweetness and firmness of the fish was enjoyed maximally.

Steamed cod fish

Butter crabs was upon my sisters' request and no doubt have not disappointed them at all. What is good about the crabs is the firm and succulent meat. However, I do find the butter crabs alittle oily to my liking, thus prefer the Chili crabs I had on my previous visit.

Butter Indonesian crabs

Steamed prawns in a Chinese restaurant often will not disappointed so this is no exception. What is worth mentioning is the egg white that is immersed in the broth, making it a delicious Chinese-style chawanmushi.

Steamed prawns

All in all, this place provides a very casual dining atmosphere and the tables are not arranged closely, thus spacious to accomodate to kids and the eldery. What makes it memorable is that, the restaurant is located beside the roof-top pool providing a very nice resort feel. In addition, having situated away from the crowd does allow a nice laid back walk after a heavy meal. Though alittle pricey, I do find it worthwhile since my family have enjoyed both the food and laughter that comes with it.


Since the food served at Ah Hoi's Kitchen are generally low in oil and salt, people with strong taste may find it mild to their liking.

Ah Hoi's Kitchen
Traders Hotel, Singapore
1A Cuscaden Road
4F Traders Hotel
Singapore 249716
Tel: 6831 4373


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