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Singapore's First Fruit Paradise @ Manpuku

Singapore's First Fruit Paradise @ Manpuku

Fruit tarts

Heard a fair bit about the fruit tarts offered at Manpuku and in case one is still wondering where is this place, Manpuku is a new Japanese food hall concept which houses renowned restaurant names such as Botejyu, Yoshimi, Hokkyokusei, Aoba and many more. However, this entry will focus on the most-talked about booth which is none other Singapore's First Fruit Paradise serving 10 different types of tarts on 3 kinds of base, namely custard cream, cheese cream and fresh cream.

Fruit tarts

Apparently, this is currently the biggest craze in Japan and now also at our very own Tampines, it is understandable due to 3 factors, first it is new in Singapore; second, the tarts are gorgeous to look at; lastly, due to overwhelming response, the purchase of fruit tarts will be limited to only 4 slices per customers... Ah, when food stuff becomes a norm and are limited in supply, you get a queue that is beyond imagination, which happens to Coffee buns aka Roti Boy, donuts, Bak Gua (during Chinese New Year) and of course, not forgetting Bubble tea.

Mango Tart

Anyway, the tart is assembled with a biscuity tart base holding 2 layers of (hardened. curd-like) cream (sad to say, we have chosen the ones with fresh cream), assorted fruits and a thin layer of sponge cake. Each slice is no longer $6.80+ but $7.80+ per slice and $75+ for a whole (don't ask me how to purchase one when it is limited to 4 slices per customer).

Chocolate Banana Tart

The plus point of the tarts is the crunchy tart base and the generous toppings of fresh, sweet and juicy fruits but what we couldn't understand was the tonnes of cream embedded in a slice. If the cream is light and refreshing, we wouldn't mind licking our plates clean. The cream turn out to be bland, thick and has a curd-like texture. At $7.80+ per slice, it is just too expensive and unhealthy to justify a second round.

10 Tampines Central 1
#03-16/17/18 Tampines 1
Singapore 529539


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