Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Madagascar Rose by Cookie Museum

Madagascar Rose

Madagascar Rose ($38 per tin - now at $35 if you pay by cash)

I was deciding between buying the Madagascar Rose(Vanila Rose) or Tiffany (Almond Rose). What made me choose the Madagascar Rose was that the rose scent was stronger though it lack the crunch which Tiffany had.

Anyway, the overall texture of this cookie is very loose, it will smash easily in the tin if you do not carry it well. I would say that the cookie base is similar to those you find in pineapple tarts. Tastewise not too sweet and has a light rose scent. For people like me who like the chunky chocolate chip kind of cookie, you will surely be disappointed. However if you would like a light piece of cookie to munch with your afternoon tea, you may want to give it a shot if you didn't find it expensive.

Do note that the shelf life of these cookies are 10 days since there is no preservatives added.

Cookie Museum (former V Tea Room)
8 Raffles Avenue
#01-02/04 Esplanade Mall
Singapore 039802
Tel: 6333 1965

Operating Hours -
12:30pm to 10:30pm (Sun-Thu)
1pm to 11:30pm (Fri and Sat)


bossacafez said...

woah u serious! that day i asked whether u wanna buy or not u said dun want :( but why madacasgar or tiffany rose? tot u like the madeline one!

Fen said...

Yea, I like Madeline Rose but Yuan told me there were only Madacasgar and Tiffany...

I didn't ask u to get it as I was trying to cut down on spending... Anyway, I rejected your offer on Thurs while Yuan got it on Fri... As for why... I am not disclosing on the blog =)

bossacafez said...

awwwwwwwwwww :D

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