Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No. 30. Double Chocolate Blackout from P.S. cafe

I have split the entries on P.S. cafe into 3 so that it will help in the classification while using the dropdown window...

So, first and foremost, how can sgcake missed out the most famous cake in P.S. cafe... or also known to be the Most Chocolately in the 50 yummiest cakes

Chocolate Cake

Listed as No. 30. Double Chocolate Blackout, with the following description,
"This sinful, mile-high chocolate fudge cake is made for serious chocolate lovers. Eat is topped with New Zealand Vanilla ice-cream"

Double Chocolate Blackout Cake

If one were to screen through the reviews written at HGW, most have recommended this cake, so how do we cake gurus find it.

Fen's comments
According to one of the reviews posted by HGW (posted by Petite Mummy), the ice-cream served with the chocolate cake is from Movenpick. However, we didn't like the ice-cream so much because the one served with the chocolate cake has ice crystals and in terms of the strength of vanilla scent, it is pretty weak...

2 things I will look out for a chocolate fudge cake, namely the texture of the chocolate sponge and the richess of the chocolate fudge.

For the chocolate sponge, it is sufficiently moist and is no doubt rich. However, when the chocolate drizzle cools, the cake will also lose its softness, so do eat it when it is served warm.

Chocolate fudge, on the other hand, is pretty creamy, closer to what choc.a.bloc. offers.

Overall, most would have known that this is an insane portion which needs to be shared. If not, it is just too cloying.

One of my colleagues has it back to back with Lana chocolate cake and she felt that the double chocolate blackout wins hands down in terms of chocolate richness.

Yuan's comments

Been working late for the past 2 weeks to type my comments. Anyway here are my views towards the Double Chocolate Blackout cake.

Despite, the generous serving of the cake and chocolate fudge, I find that this cake reminds me of the apollo chocolate cake. It has that chewy texture and the chocolate fudge tasted a little wierd. Not sure if I was getting picky with my chocolates.

PS Cafe
28B Harding Road
Tanglin Village (Dempsey Road)
Tel: 6479 3343 / 9070 8782

Operating hours -
11:30am to 4pm [Lunch (Mon to Fri)]
9:30am to 4pm [Brunch (Weekend & PH)]
6:30pm to 10:30pm [Dinner (Daily)]


FoodieGymmie said...

hows the portion like? cos its very expensive leh..

ice said...

I think the Double Chocolate Cake's richness is helped much by the chocolate drizzle. This cake seems similar to/looks the same as the Death by Chocolate Cake at Riders Cafe.

The ice cream may or may not be from Movenpick. I'm not sure but they certainly are not constant in their ice cream brands. The other time I was at the Paragon PS cafe, I asked about their vanilla ice cream. The waiter told me it's from the "supermarket downstairs", which essentially means "No Frills" lol.

Anyhow, I still like Lana/Awfully Chocolate, not too rich or cloying. I get a toothache just looking at this one...

Fen said...

Ter: The portion is enough for one person... but gets too cloying after several bites... In fact, Yuan and I have lunch, before eating two P.S. desserts, we finished everything... so it is not that huge...

Ice: Yuan actually found that Lana was better as this cake is only soft upon warming up whereas Lana is extremely soft at room temperature... It is not very chocolately and that quality chocolate wasn't used, at least not single-estate ones >.<

The ice-cream was really bad... and I mean chunks of ice crystals...

Awfully Chocolate has the waxy after-taste, but we are fine with it... still prefer the fudge cakes from favourite 4
& Laurent's

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