Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mango Mania from Froyoo

Ah... I mentioned about Froyoo yesterday but those who know me would have guessed that I don't stopped at just one order. Since we have decided the waffle to come with the Vanilla soft-serve ice-cream, we ordered a Mango Mania smoothie with frozen yogurt ($6.80++ with 20% discount).

Froyoo Dessert Menu

Don't ask me why there is a 20% discount since Yuan paid in cash and the receipt reflected a discount. In fact, I only realized it when I re-confirming that 7% GST and 10% service charge is included.

Despite being in a Korean theme dessert outlet, the soft serve from the waffle tasted like a typical japanese soft-serve ice-cream. The dense, rich and creamy taste is distinctive and I tend to prefer soft-serve than gelatos and ice-cream (except the Macademia Crunch from Haagan Dazs and Lychee Martini from 7th Heaven) for its lighter and not so cloyingly sweet taste. The most important thing is that it is not watery and full of icy lumps, unlike gelatos.

Mango Mania

Since it gets alittle boring just talking about whether this is nice and that is bad, I did a quick read up on soft serve ice-cream. According to wikipedia, the 2 main difference between soft-serve and ice-cream is the milk-fat content (3 to 6% for soft serve and 10 t 18% for ice-cream) and the temperature (−4°C for soft serve and −15°C for ice-cream)at which it is served.Its lighter and smoother taste is due to the introduction of air at the time of freezing (i.e. overrun). Lastly, why Japanese soft-serve? Apparently, Hokkaido milk is well-known for its high quality dairy, thus ice-cream made from it tends to be smooth, rich in flavour and creamier.

As for yogurt, it is not fantastic as I want it to be. it is not about its characteristic tang but rather it didn't have sufficient milk proteins curd to my liking. It tasted like an extremely mild sourish ice-cream. I have a feeling that it didn't contain sufficient Lactobacillus acidophilus to denature the milk.

As for the smoothie, the plus point is the right amount of ice blended into the drink, the minus point is that it has a strong artificial mango after-taste.
Yuan's comments

Simply put, this is a yogurt drink. Nothing fancy, ordinary tasting and suitable if you wanna chill out. Rather large cup and you can take your time to slowly sip this drink.

Froyoo (under the same roof as Seoul Yummy) Novena Square
210 Sinaran Drive
Singapore 307506
Tel: 6397 6939


ice said...

This is froyo (frozen yogurt) so it tends to be sourish. I've not tried froyo from here & I don't intend to haha so I can't compare. But if you'd like to try a better froyo, go for Yoguru. There's a counter at Raffles City basement.

Hmm...regarding your comment on Japanese soft serve. I kid you not, but no Jap restaurants/ice cream parlor locally uses Hokkaido milk in their soft serve, not even Azabu. Gelato yes, both Azabu & MOF uses Hokkaido milk but not for their soft serves. The only time you can get to savor real Hokkaido milk in soft serves is like NOW, now at the Hokkaido fair at Isetan. Very expensive but super delicious! :)

Fen said...

Ahh... I did see the review for Yoguru... and I think I have tried them before, they have yogurt with various toppings, the stall jus beside Tori-Q... but for that version of Yogurt, I would prefer to get it from supermarket... more punch, or rather more bacteria, keke...

Alright, I will be dropping by the Hokkaido fair... and from your entry, I have one more week to try them...

evan 이벤젤린 said...

no wonder froyo sounds like some kind of yoghurt brand!

and can someone bring me to tom's palette?? fen wanna go or not, let's go leh hehe.

Fen said...

Yeh, I didn't know that Froyo is actually a short form for frozen yogurt...

Wah... Haven't go BakerZin already thinking of Tom's?

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