Thursday, January 22, 2009

An indulgence at BakerZin

It was another memorable desserts meet-up at Bakerzin with Evan, Brad, Sihan, Yingyan, Elaine (Etel), Vicki, Weili and Claire and this would not have been possible without BakerZin being so accommodating to our request. My sincere thanks to BakerZin's senior marketing executive, Ms. Alison and the warm hospitality given by Ms. Janet, the area manager who was stationed at Bakerzin United Square branch to ensure everything was in order.

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BakerZin needs no introduction and being around for more than 10 years (since 1998), Pastry Chef Mr. Daniel Tay has never fail to curb our dessert cravings.

IMG_6715 (selected) copy (Large)
IMG_6723 (selected) copy (Large)

Before I continue, I would also want to thank Brad for his suggestion of sitting outdoor, the experience would never been much enjoyable if we have chosen to sit indoors. Not only will there be many restrictions, we might end up disturbing other Bakerzin dinners.

Shop facade

From the array of cakes on the display, Janet highlighted that bakerzin bestsellers are none other the Chocolate Amer (also featured in the 50 yummiest cakes) and the all-time favourite, the Strawberry Shortcake.

For those who have tried the Bakerzin's Chocolate Amer, you will enjoy the heavenly combination of the chocolate mousse and flourless chocolate sponge. The springy texture of the chocolate sponge and the smooth milk chocolate mousse simply blow everybody's mind away. Definitely a love on first bite. Bakerzin's Strawberry Shortcake, on the other hand, only satisfy a handful of us but having found the Strawberry Shortcake from Rive Gauche, this is pretty pricey even though there is no doubts about the quality of this Japanese fresh cream sponge cake.

Strawberry Shortcake & Amer

It was my entry on Bakerzin's Fraisier and Evan's comments on Sweet Pleasure that tempted everybody to come for this bakerzin dessert outing but alas, the latter was sold out for the day. Fraisier, on my personal note, has always been an interesting combination of pistachios, tangy strawberries, fruity liquor and almond essence but to pistachio lovers, the pistachio flavouring was way too mild.


Ambrosia was also another cake which I have blogged before and similarly to our previous entires on bakerzin, we didn't like this as much as the rest due to the weak banana taste. In fact, there was a debate whether coffee has been included in the cake or a cross-contamination from Sumatra. Bottom line, the nicest part of the cake is the top thin layer of chocolate which was a unanimous vote.


Foret Noir aka Blackforest is another liquor concoction which will appeal to those who fancy a chocolate and alcohol combination. In addition, the brandied cherries were juicy with a strong alcoholic punch.

Blackforest & Bloom

Having tried so many cakes in BakerZin, there are also a handful which I haven't try too, namely Bloom Cheesecake, New York Cheesecake, Sumatra and Coeur Noir. The 2 cheesecakes are silky smooth with a light cream cheese after-taste. The good thing about BakerZin's cheesecakes is the sufficient cheesy taste but not being overly sour. Both cheesecakes are good with Yuan preferring the highly recommended New York while me liking the Bloom for its lemon zest and the refreshing after-taste.

New York Cheesecake

Bakerzin's Sumatra has a wow factor on its first bite but became pretty ordinary in the subsequent bites. The coffee mousse is pretty strong and is a better bet over Roulade if one favours coffee-flavoured cakes.

Sumatra & Coeur Noir

Coeur Noir shared some similarity with Foret Noir with an additional layer of dark chocolate glaze and hazelnut dacquoise at the base.

Of course, with the existing promotion on the warm chocolate cake, everybody got to savour it as the last cake. However, some felt that the chocolate was not rich enough to their liking and has a burnt chocolate after-taste. For me, it is just right.

Warning when you are out with paparazzi-dessertarians, one might end up salivating (in a prolonged manner) when looking at the cakes yet they are unreachable to your mouth due to the (ah hem) dangerous, intensive, massive firing session... Of course, with such dramatic actions, the cakes are warmed-up in the process (OMG!!!)...

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Beverages @ BakerZin

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#01-07/60 United Square
Singapore 307591
Tel: 6251 5550

Operating hours - 10:30 am - 10 pm (Sun to Thur)
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evan 이벤젤린 said...

omggg your pics are very nice, i'm drooling at EVERY single one of them. once again nice photoshop as well =) it was indeed a very lovely outing (whats new) and everytime it makes me look forward to more. really enjoy yr company!! i love the little relaxing chat towards the end more hehe. btw, why u include claire? she never turn up!

lol @ the comment on the last part. it really made me laugh out loud lor, esp at the "salivating in a prolonged manner" haha!

evan 이벤젤린 said...

oh and i suddenly rem why i like the font u use so much. becoz it looks like those chalkboard writings on bistros/cafes!! its really nice!

ice said...

Bakerzin has never failed to impress with their desserts and service. The 4th cake picture are my 2 favorites from Bakerzin.

SiHaN said...

heyoh!!! Wonderful review! and the photos are so well taken. of course. haha. I still want my sweet pleasures though. *grunts*. hehe.

Can't wait for our next outing. Gotta set the date soon though so that I can order the stuff from Perla's!

Fen said...

Evan & Sihan: Thank you for the compliment.

Claire did join you at Cedele, still an effort to come down.

No worries, Sihan, we can always drop by BakerZin for Pleasure and Evan, give us the date so that we can place the orders... Can't wait for the next round of desserts...

Ice: True, this is one of the best Blackforest I have ever tried and Bloom was indeed good. Thank you for the recommendation.

evan 이벤젤린 said...

the princess claire went for the ms. sweetheart pageant audition at novena, so she didn't make an effort to come down la HAHA. but of coz i'm sure she would hv joined us anyway, if she didn't hv something on. she's a sweetheart afterall heheehe.

YES, think nx time must call up bakerzin to check if they hv the sweet pleasure. then again u didn't like it right? maybe becoz they used salted caramel inside? hmm

ya the bloom cheesecake was indeed good, my favorite now, after sweet pleasures & sumatra. couldn't really enjoy the cakes totally due to cold + warmed up cakes that day :( all of them just tasted like really sweet dunno why.

Fen said...

My impression of Sweet Pleasure wasn't tat deep to make me crave for the second round... Maybe I should also give it a second chance since the last time I tried was quite some time ago.

Warmed up cakes... Maybe you should take a look at this

ladyironchef said...

hahaha yes, the photos definitely impressed me a lot! from the ugly shots to what you have now, wow! wow!

aye yes credits to me for suggesting to sit outside. haha just kidding. but i'm glad we had a good time outdoor, if we sit inside it will probably end up like choupinette. next time we need to scout for places that have bigger seating before we go.

EteL said...

wow!! fen ur pics are nice! its very interesting to look at photos of another person at the same place, same time, using the same cam! really a different pespective indeed!

and another thing, thumbs up for the effort to photoshop the photos man, really a great review, i am a lazy person, cant be bothered to photoshop nowadays hahaha..


ice said...

fen: You're welcome. Simple is best. Bakerzin's cakes are good in the way coz they are not too complicated such that the different textures, flavors & creams overwhelm one another. This is why some new fangled cakes fail to deliver. Love their profiteroles with ice cream too. Sometimes the choux pastry is abit off, nonetheless delicious.

Fen said...

LIC: Haha, thank you for the compliment; guess that is a big gap between SLR and P&S... but still, I am not comfortable bringing such a big camera into a restaurant so some of my regular entries will still be taken by P&S...

Etel: Thank you for dropping by. Nowadays, Yuan has become the photographer while I will be 默默在背后玩 photoshop.

Yup, that is one good thing about such gathering... A different perspective of things... and I am anticipating everybody's entries to see what they have captured.

No doubt, photoshop can be tedious but I like the satisfaction when I manage to salvage some of the shots and add on more storytelling effects on the pictures...

Ice: I totally agree with you with regards to simplicity of cakes. I am never a fan of extreme flavours and it makes me ponder what am I eating at times.

I have also tried their profiteroles with ice cream but the choux pastry seems to be hard.

I am definitely going back to BakerZin for their strawberry cheesecake coup dessert... =)

ladyironchef said...

no man. dslr does not guarantee nice photos, i seen people making the switch from p&s to dslr, but their photos didn't improve a lot still. yours really very nice now.

its more of the photographer than the camera.

Fen said...

I guess it takes time to understand aperture vs. shutter speed... but in the long run, I'm sure they will also achieve good pictures... In fact, I didn't start off with good pictures but I have a very good mentor.

superfinefeline said...

Awesome pics! They look like pro pics! :)

Fen said...

Hi Superfinefeline, thank you for your compliment.

doris said...

I was really happy to have read your blog when I was wondering what chocolate cake to buy for my dad's birthday and seeing him take second helpings of chocolate Amer is just proof how good it really is and I am happy with this choice..

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