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Patisserie Tony Wong, Hong Kong

Patisserie Tony Wong

I did a google search to identify some of the pâtisseries or cake shops in Hong Kong and Pâtisserie Tony Wong were one of the few I have fished out.

I am not sure if the wrong keywords were used but I did have a hard time identifying pâtisseries or cake shops on the internet. Anyway, upon reaching Hong Kong, I notice there aren't many cafés selling cakes and beverages; a quick chat with the tour guide also makes me realize that the locals aren't very familiar with such pastries.

Display I

If you have checked out their website, you can't help but to include this place into your itinerary but coming here is not easy, particularly being the first visit. The nearest MTR station is Lok Fu, 樂富 and approximately 25min walk.

An interesting place to visit as this place is closer to the heartlands and Kowloon Walled City Park (九龍寨城公園) is a nice place to take some photos. Some sort similar to our local Chinese gardens with pavilions but with a historical background.

Display II

Anyway, the shop seems to specialize in puff pastry layered with crème pâtissière (aka custard) in various flavours such as chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, mango, etc.

An ispahan-looking creation, the custard used by Pâtisserie Tony Wong is richer and curd-like. Unlike the flaky kind that collapses the moment you bite, this puff pastry is slightly dense and retains its crispness. Sweetness was just right and the overall combination was easily acceptable.

Raspberry Napoleon
Raspberry Napoleon (HK$35)

On the contrary, the Mango Napoleon is a disappointment when compared to the Raspberry Napoleon. Probably due to the syrup in which the mango slices were soaked in, this has an after-taste of durian, very similar to what you will experience when you eat the cream from Jane's cake station. The sweetness of the mango is overshadowed by the custard the the puff pastries were alittle moist.

Mango Napoleon
Mango Napoleon (HK$35)

The Green Tea Opera is amazingly similar to the green tea opera of Mezza9 (minus the red beans) and since green tea dacquoise was used as the base, the overall texture is coarse. However, Yuan is alittle put off by the thin layer of buttercream, making the cake alittle oily in his opinion.

Green Tea Opera
Green Tea Opera (HK$35)

Things never goes wrong when it comes to chocolate but notice so far the pastries we had were either puff pastries or cakes. Mousse doesn't seems to be common (generally) in Hong Kong and this makes no exception with a generous layer of chocolate cake topped with chocolate mousse and dark chocolate glaze. This dessert is light on the palate and surprisingly refreshing.

Chocolate Truffle Cake

Chocolate Truffle Cake II
Chocolate Truffle Cake (HK$35)

There is a distinctive landmark opposite Fuk Lo Tsun and that is KCP shopping mall (I suspect it stands for Kowloon City Plaza). Also, according to the tour guide, there is a popular shop selling butter and chocolate cookies and Yuan is currently looking for the slip of paper. If he has not updated this paragraph by the time you read this, just walk along this stretch to explore bah.

Fuk Lo Tsun Road

Patisserie Tony Wong
74 Fuk Lo Tsun Road,
Kowloon City, Kowloon
Tel: 2382 6639

Operating hours:
11am to 8pm (Tues to Thurs, Sun)
11am to 9pm (Fri, Sat, eves of P.H)
Closed on Mondays


reiz said...

Ah! I haven't been there yet! Always head for my po luo bao, french toast, eggs at australian dairy and desserts at L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon. Looks like i have to mark this down and head there the next time i'm there! :D

ice said...

I see Yuan with lots of people staring at the background in the chocolate truffle cake lol.

Fen said...

Reiz: Australian Dairy seems to be located at Parkes Street, which is near Jordan station while L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon seems to be near Tsim Sha Tsui.

Note that Patisserie Tony Wong is near Kowloon City where the nearest station is Lok Fu. We took a cab from Tsim Sha Tsui and train back from Lok Fu, not very accessible.

For Tsim Sha Tsui, you might wanna try La Creation at K11 mall. My tummy was too full and we were rushing to catch our flight. Darn, will try that on my next visit.

Ice: Very observant. Hehe, we were taking pictures of the cakes in their tiny crowded shop, hence explaining why there is so many people staring into the cake. At the same time, there was a Hong Kong reporter interviewing the chef with her photographer snapping away so it was quite chaotic at that point of time but the patrons were very patient and friendly.

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