Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mad about Chocolates

Frankly speaking, I am in no mood to blog. Just barely 4 days and my mood is getting errantic these days. After my dress fitting, I cannot resist Laurent's chocolates, indeed rationing the calories I can spare.

The recent visits to Jewels Artisan Chocolate makes me wonder how I would feel towards Laurent Bernard Chocolatier. To start off, the ambience both places offer is very different while Jewels Artisan Chocolate adopts a very contemporary atmosphere in an accessible location, Laurent Bernard Chocolatier @ Wessex is a complete opposite.

The classic chocolate tart, signature blackforest and chocolately truffle slice greeted me upon entering the shop but sad to say the cake which Yuan wanted to have is no longer available on the shelf. It is a chocolate mousse cake named in numbers, I can't remember the combination but vague impression tells me that it is 1805. So, we stick to the look-alike, Trianon ($7.80++).


An all-time favourite, Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Feuilletine. This creation contains 3 components found in Laurent's plaisir sucré since it consists of hazelnut dacquoise, a thin layer of hazelnut praline and rich dark chocolate mousse. The entire combination works beautifully for me however Yuan feels that the hazelnut praline is on the sweet side. For those who prefer more crunch in their chocolates, Laurent's chocolate tart is something not to be missed. If you want something different, particularly chocolate mousse, this may catch your attention.

Valrhona Lava Cake

Lava cake ($9.80++) is something I don't know how to describe, personally if the chocolate content is sufficient to my liking and that there is a generous molten core, I am more or less satisfied. Since my last lava cake is from Jewels, I have to admit Laurent is a better bet since the molten chocolate is not oily. Apart from that, Laurent's version has a thicker layer of cake when compared to Jewels'.

Iced Chocolate

We were quite surprised how fast they served our orders and sad to say, the iced chocolate drink ($7++) is prepared before hand and poured from a jug. Milk and sugar content is very little, hence one can feel the bitterness and acidity of the chocolate. Disappointment kicks when the ice starts to melt, making it very diluted.

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier
Laurent's Cafe & Chocolate Bar
5B Portsdown Road
Singapore 139 311
Tel: 6475 4182


ice said...

You'll be a beautiful bride. Dress or not, chocolate or not, cakes or not. (:

Fen said...

Thank you :D

Yuan couldn't stop teasing me.

1st, I couldn't zip up my dress, next the seamstress asked if I have put on weight... After telling Yuan how determine I will diet for the week, I succumbed to temptation and headed straight to Laurent Bernard Chocolatier on the very same day...

*Harris said...

I agree with Ice, especially on the "chocolate or not, cakes or not" bit. Not sure if you can be a bride without a dress but yes, don't worry, you'll be lovely.

And Yuan, not forgetting you, you will be a handsome and proud bridegroom :)

Fen said...

Thanks, Harris...

Indeed feeling the excitement... For the first time, my brain isn't working proper when I am eating desserts.

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