Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chocolate Mousse in Verrine

Chocolate Mousse in Verrine

This is one of the recommendation made by Chocolatier Then. The meaning of verrine is glass. Hence all 3 chocolate mousses, is presented in a see-through glass.

A combination of white chocolate yogurt mousse, 40% milk chocolate mousse and 66% Alpaco dark chocolate mousse, served with praline feuilletine (an ingredient where almond is been roasted with sugar and caramelized to make a smooth paste; with biscuits added for crunch), almond crumble, sesame crisps, macaron, chocolate twirls and berry compote.

This is a must-try at Jewels. With so many ingredients incorporated in one dessert, we are very surprised that it not confusing nor contaminated. The various toppings brings out the distinct characteristics of each type of mousse. For instance, the dark chocolate mousse was enjoyed with the crunchy praline feuilletine, white chocolate yogurt mousse compliments nicely with the berry compote while the milk chocolate is good on its own.

A nice symphony of the varying taste incorporated in each mouthful.

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