Saturday, March 6, 2010

Green Tea Opera

Green Tea Opera

It is hard to find a good Matcha cake as often this flavour is not easily accepted by most. Apart from Goodwood Park Hotel's White Chocolate and Green Tea Cake that wowed us the last time round. My vague impression of Green Tea Opera stretches 2 years ago and I recalled it being thinly layered with green tea sponge, azuki paste and green tea buttercream.

Just to be doubly sure that this is good, we dropped by Grand Hyatt on Wednesday but realized they no longer have this in sliced. The whole cake (400g) is available @ $18+, with a 15% off after 9:30pm (50% off for sliced cakes after 9:30pm).

Something to note, comparing this with the old version, there is a slight difference. Instead of red bean paste, they have replaced it with chocolate and whole red beans. Apart from that, the layers are generally similar, with alternating green tea powder, whipped cream, almond sponge, chocolate and whole red beans.

Yuan simply couldn't stop once he started on this cake. The combination of matcha, chocolate and almond sponge was heavenly to him. This is the rare few matcha cakes which you have a thick layer of matcha powder over the top. The only complaint is that the red bean does not seem to serve any purpose, the taste is overwhelmed by the matcha and it makes the cake more "grainy".

Grand Hyatt Singapore
10 Scotts Road
Tel: 6887 5492


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