Friday, April 2, 2010

Mango Mousse, Disneyland (HK)

Bakery @ Disneyland, HK

Walking down mainstreet of Disney HK, you will not miss the Market House Bakery.

Interior of coffee & pastry

Of course Fen and myself could not resist trying the cakes with cute Disney decorations on them. We chose the Minnie Mango Mousse (HK22)

Minnie Mango Mousse

In general the term mousse seemed misappropriate in this context. It is generally a sponge cake with a layer of mango mousse (slightly curd-like) in between the layer. Nothing special about this cake except the piece of white chocolate with a print of Minnie Mouse on it. If you are really curious about the taste of this cake, I believe that there is a variant of this at the Maxim outlets located at various locations in HK.

Market House Bakery @ Hong Kong Disneyland
By Maxim's Restaurants Limited
Tel: 2162 5192


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