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Zoë pâtisserie et chocolat, Hong Kong

Zoë pâtisserie et chocolat

Zoë pâtisserie et chocolat was originally not on my itinerary as I couldn't locate their website. While I was talking to the staff of Pâtisserie Tony Wong, I mentioned to them that I was planning to drop by Sift Dessert Bar which is located along Graham Street, Central. Anyway, the change of plans is because she felt that Zoë pâtisserie et chocolat is a better bet and that Sift is so-so in her opinion.

If Sift website has stirred your interest, this place is within walking distance from Central (中環) MTR.

Ok, back to Zoë pâtisserie et chocolat, if you have search through the web about this place, it seems that the branch in Happy Valley is more mentioned.

Hong Kong Tramways

To come to Happy Valley, the easiest way is to take the electric tram (of course, with the signage Happy Valley) and shown above is the last stop of the journey.

Happy Valley, Hong Kong

For those who wants some luck in gambling, Happy Valley Racecourse (one of the two race tracks of the Hong Kong Jockey Club) is located nearby. In terms of tourist attractions, don't expect too much from Happy Valley (快活谷) as this is a residential suburb of Hong Kong, located in the northern part of Hong Kong Island.


As mentioned in my Tony Wong's entry, it is not easy to find a cafe that offers dine-in seating and Zoe is no surprise. In fact, this is a mini cake shop with a brown colour outlook. There is only a fridge displaying approximately 20-25 types of creations.

Generally, for HK$30 ($5.50), the cakes are very small in terms of size. In terms of ingredients, they are pretty simple so in short, you can say good quality cake but pricey.

1459 Mille-feuille
1459 Mille-feuille (HK$30)

One of the recommendations of Zoë pâtisserie et chocolat is 1459. 1459 refers to each puff pastry having one thousand, four hundred and fifty-nine layers, not sure if that is true but I prefer this more than the napoleons I had at Pâtisserie Tony Wong for its lighter tangy custard and thinner, more crisp, crusty puff pastries. Yuan, on the other hand, prefers Pâtisserie Tony Wong's napoleons for a richer custard filling.


Zoë (Close-up)
Zoë (HK$30)

Named after the shop, Zoë is the cake version of Kinder Bueno. Hazelnut cream, vanilla sponge and wafer bits... Refreshing and yummy.

Mud Cake
Mud Cake (HK$30)

Yuan is put off by the texture of this cake as it has a sticky texture. As for the layer of chocolate fudge, understandable that it is sweet since it is made of icing sugar.

All in all, our impression of this place is pretty close to this blog entry. Pricey, small but not too bad of a taste.

Lastly, after you are done with your cake business, you can take the electric tram to Kennedy Town and drop along one of the MTR stations (e.g. Causeway Bay, 銅鑼灣).

Hong Kong Tram Route
Picture above is obtained from Wikipedia

Zoë pâtisserie et chocolat
No. 7A-3, Shan Kwong Road
Happy Valley, Hong Kong
Tel: 2892 1166

No. 6, Sunning Plaza,
10 Hysan Avenue
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: 2234 7188

No. 2 Commercial Portion of J Residence
60 Johnston Road
Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel: 2866 6885


myfoodsirens said...

Hey Fen & Yuan, after you told me you went Zoe, I went back and took a look at my photos and guess what? We had the exact same cakes! =) Glad to see that their cakes are still looking the same after 2 year..

Fen said...

Judging from the internet forums, Zoe seems to be popular in Hong Kong and sure glad to hear that they are consistent even after 2 years... But then again, it is pricey so doubt I will drop by Zoe on my next visit to Hong Kong.

La Creation, Panesh and Sift is on my next-to-visit list in Hong Kong... or maybe I should collect a list of must-eats from you, Daniel and Phoebe before heading to HK.

Tempt me with your Europe entries... I will be waiting for your coverage, not forgetting Harris' and Phoebe's :D

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